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Hammock is an American musical project of composers Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson from Nashville, Tennessee, USA; formed in 2004.
The project initially developed out of informal recording sessions between songwriting projects, and at present the band is a leading light in instrumental music with a unique, atmospheric sound that effortlessly melds elements of ambient, electronic, post-rock and neoclassical.
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Style: Post-rock, Ambient, Shoegaze, Instrumental, Electronic

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Hammock diskographie

Hammock - A Secret Hiding In The Open0:40
Hammock - Andalusia7:40
Hammock - Artificial Paradises5:18
Hammock - Awakened, He Heard Only Silence3:01
Hammock - Before the Celebration2:03
Hammock - Blankets of Night7:59
Hammock - Breathturn5:59
Hammock - Clouds Cover the Stars1:28
Hammock - Cold Front6:56
Hammock - Floating Away in Every Direction6:40
Hammock - Frailty (For the Dearly Departed)6:52
Hammock - Gold Star Mothers7:39
Hammock - Holding Your Absence5:42
Hammock - Hope Becomes A Loss8:45
Hammock - I Can Almost See You4:12
Hammock - I Could Hear The Water At The Edge Of All Things5:40
Hammock - In The Middle Of This Nowhere5:33
Hammock - In the Nothing of a Night8:46
Hammock - Kenotic4:15
Hammock - Like A Valley With No Echo8:10
Hammock - Little Fly/Mouchette5:51
Hammock - Locating Silence3:54
Hammock - Losing You to You6:21
Hammock - Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow5:40
Hammock - Miles to Go Before Sleep5:16
Hammock - Mono No Aware6:40
Hammock - My Mind Was a Fog... My Heart Became a Bomb5:23
Hammock - No Trace... No Shadow6:25
Hammock - Pathos6:45
Hammock - Shipwrecked (Flat on Your Back)3:58
Hammock - Shored Against the Ruins... Drowning In Ten Directions3:43
Hammock - Sinking Inside Yourself6:01
Hammock - Stars in the Rearview Mirror7:03
Hammock - Take a Drink from My Hands4:58
Hammock - Tape Recorder6:05
Hammock - Ten Thousand Years Won't Save Your Life6:27
Hammock - The Air Between Us3:43
Hammock - The Backward Step4:57
Hammock - The House Where We Grew Up4:15
Hammock - Then The Quiet Explosion6:43
Hammock - Through a Glass Darkly5:19
Hammock - Together Alone7:07
Hammock - Tristia5:45
Hammock - Turning Into Tiny Particles... Floating Through Empty Space4:02
Hammock - When the Sky Pours Down Like a Fountain5:21
Hammock - Winter Light4:12
Hammock - Wish5:20
Hammock - Words You Said... I'll Never Forget You Now6:35
Hammock - You Lost the Starlight in Your Eyes9:12
Hammock - You May Emerge from This More Dead Than Alive1:13

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