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A Pop Rock/Powerpop band from Crown Point, Indiana.2.
A Progressive Black Metal band from Switzerland.3.
An American medieval and renaissance ensemble.
Asteria Music listeners, enthusiasts, and professionals around the world have asked what is left of this “Pop Rock/Powerpop” scene? Is anything left? Have we completely moved forward and on to “the next big thing?” The genre we speak of being so lifeless in 2010 was the genre once tagged on Crown Point, IN’s own Asteria.Read more about Asteria on

Estilo: Pop punk, Emo, Alternative, Medieval, Black metal

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Asteria discografía

Título de la canciónDuraciónRank
Asteria - A Beautiful Night For A Showdown3:10
Asteria - A Lesson In Charades3:47
Asteria - A Que Ville2:54
Asteria - A Second Chance To Make A First Impression3:28
Asteria - A Tack on the Map3:29
Asteria - Adieu Ces Bons Vins De Lannoys (Guillaume Dufay)4:26
Asteria - Au Gre De Mes Ieulx2:45
Asteria - Bonus Track3:38
Asteria - Candles3:07
Asteria - Chutes & Ladders2:43
Asteria - Devil Hold My Hand1:58
Asteria - Drink Life To The Lees3:08
Asteria - En Voyant Sa Dame4:19
Asteria - Estil Mercy1:30
Asteria - Finding Love In A Bottle Of...3:46
Asteria - Have Yourself A Lonely Little Christmas3:36
Asteria - Heartbreaker3:09
Asteria - Hold Fast Stay True2:38
Asteria - Hold Fast, Stay True2:40
Asteria - Hold On (God Damn)3:15
Asteria - Hoods & Capers3:28
Asteria - I'd Swear You Were Steam3:46
Asteria - I'll Get You My Pretty (And Your Little Dog Too)3:41
Asteria - Intro1:53
Asteria - Jamais Tante (Lute) (Gilles Binchois)2:15
Asteria - Je Mesbais De Vous Mon Cueur4:25
Asteria - Joie Me Fuit7:42
Asteria - Just Another Letdown2:57
Asteria - Just Enough To Make It Just4:19
Asteria - Ma Damoiselle Ma Maistresse3:55
Asteria - Midnight Fix2:37
Asteria - Northbound & Down3:29
Asteria - On My Knees3:57
Asteria - Paper Scissor Stone3:41
Asteria - Pawns In Chess2:42
Asteria - Pet Names & Fake Fights4:11
Asteria - Pop Fiction3:21
Asteria - Quant Ce Vendra4:57
Asteria - Quant La Doulce Jouvencelle (anon from Oxford Can. Misc. 213)3:54
Asteria - Quant la Doulce Jouvencelle3:55
Asteria - Shake It Off3:16
Asteria - Slip Into Something More Comfortable2:56
Asteria - Take Me Away2:23
Asteria - The Taste The Touch2:46
Asteria - The Taste, The Touch2:48
Asteria - Tristre dolent plain de pensee - lute (anon)1:36
Asteria - see you in virginia2:51

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