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PUNK / HARDCORE band from the Basque Country.
They started in a small and rural village named Ordizia in 1984 and since then, they 4 have been into the punk-hardcore scene.
They recorded 2 demo tapes quite lo-fi during the 80s decade and in 1991 made a quite good LP / CD with a high quality sound and 2 anecdotes: an electronical drums and some times a bit of keyboards.
So in general had a more modern sound.
The second album was recorded by the anarchist label-distro "DDT Records" and their sound became closer to hardcore, faster.
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Estilo: Punk, Anarcho-punk, Hardcore punk, Euskal herria

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Potrotaino discografía

Título de la canciónDuraciónRank
Potrotaino - Antiglobalización2:44
Potrotaino - Asko3:13
Potrotaino - Barkito3:36
Potrotaino - Chavales3:59
Potrotaino - Condenados2:06
Potrotaino - Critikan1:41
Potrotaino - Cruce de miradas2:22
Potrotaino - De que vas chaval2:22
Potrotaino - De qué vas, Chaval?2:21
Potrotaino - Demenciales chicos acelerados3:00
Potrotaino - Despojo de la guerra2:37
Potrotaino - Destrucción3:11
Potrotaino - Disturbios2:39
Potrotaino - Ekatombe1:12
Potrotaino - Extraña sensación2:12
Potrotaino - Hecatombe1:12
Potrotaino - Historia triste2:17
Potrotaino - La Cuesta De San Juan3:23
Potrotaino - La muerte3:15
Potrotaino - Los Demenciales Chicos Acelera3:00
Potrotaino - Los Perros De La CIA2:35
Potrotaino - Madrugando2:40
Potrotaino - Mierda Política + Réquiem + Trinchera6:41
Potrotaino - Mili No1:58
Potrotaino - Muerte al Violador2:38
Potrotaino - Nena1:51
Potrotaino - Otra Guerra2:48
Potrotaino - Otro Cigarrillo1:52
Potrotaino - Pensamiento Anulado4:57
Potrotaino - Prisiones Del Estado2:38
Potrotaino - Puta Mili1:36
Potrotaino - Puta vida2:11
Potrotaino - Revoraçao dos pekenekes (El Cola-Cao de los pequeños)2:25
Potrotaino - Ricos poderosos1:35
Potrotaino - Réquiem2:11
Potrotaino - Río Oria2:00
Potrotaino - Sensaciones3:43
Potrotaino - Sentimiento3:13
Potrotaino - Tienes Que Intentar1:48
Potrotaino - Track 112:02
Potrotaino - Track 271:52
Potrotaino - Trinchera2:00
Potrotaino - Txalupa txikitxo bat (El barquito)2:47
Potrotaino - Venceremos2:43
Potrotaino - cipayos2:10
Potrotaino - critican1:09
Potrotaino - despojos de la guerra2:41
Potrotaino - sangre por la pared1:48

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 Potrotaino foto
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