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After reaching the benchmark of 7 years history the wynardtage project is heading to make a great review! Frontman Kai.
A known from projects like Acylum, Crucifactor, I.P.X., La Soma or Sensogen, started already in 1997 to create his own songs and sounds.
Later he added some well versed musicians in his network as there are Rico S.(echorausch), Mario F.
and Gunnar B.(both from davaNtage) or later on Louis C.(la Magra) to increase quality of his music and integrate new influences.Read more about Wynardtage on Last.fm.

Estilo: Dark electro, Ebm, Industrial, Harsh ebm, Aggrotech

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Wynardtage discografía

Título de la canciónDuraciónRank
Wynardtage - A Flicker Of Hope5:05
Wynardtage - Against All Odds4:54
Wynardtage - Alive6:45
Wynardtage - Ascension5:26
Wynardtage - Behind the Rain4:12
Wynardtage - Beloved5:24
Wynardtage - Circle Of Sadness4:35
Wynardtage - Closer3:53
Wynardtage - Cold3:42
Wynardtage - Cold Massive Blue6:10
Wynardtage - Constant Collapse5:21
Wynardtage - Crash of a Star5:42
Wynardtage - Crawling Rage5:18
Wynardtage - Cutting Down5:26
Wynardtage - Departure4:39
Wynardtage - Desperation5:35
Wynardtage - Dissolution3:40
Wynardtage - Embraced By Darkness4:49
Wynardtage - Fade5:17
Wynardtage - Failure4:38
Wynardtage - Flash of Healing4:51
Wynardtage - Fuck You - Perfect World4:59
Wynardtage - Hurricane Age5:16
Wynardtage - I'm Not Your God4:34
Wynardtage - If There Is No Tomorrow7:07
Wynardtage - In The Cold I'm Sleeping5:41
Wynardtage - Last Tears4:31
Wynardtage - Missed For A Lifetime3:56
Wynardtage - No human survive3:47
Wynardtage - Nothing (Like a Prostitute)4:17
Wynardtage - One Last Magazine4:04
Wynardtage - Praise The Fallen6:52
Wynardtage - Regret3:56
Wynardtage - Salvation4:07
Wynardtage - Sea of Agony4:45
Wynardtage - Send Me an Angel3:51
Wynardtage - Seven Years4:30
Wynardtage - Slow The Tide5:40
Wynardtage - Solitude4:26
Wynardtage - Sterbehilfe 20064:47
Wynardtage - Suicide4:11
Wynardtage - Taste This Rush4:39
Wynardtage - The Cold Spell6:45
Wynardtage - The Frozen Point4:31
Wynardtage - The Grey Line4:51
Wynardtage - The sin5:35
Wynardtage - Warm up my Heart4:58
Wynardtage - We Can Carry A Lot5:36
Wynardtage - When We Are Gone5:39
Wynardtage - White Frost6:05

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