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Airbase biography

The Airbase story begins in 1994 when he got his hands on the software Scream Tracker pitched to him by a Finnish cousin.
A few years later, Airbase switched to better software that came highly recommended from others called Fast Tracker.
The following years were kept busy with hard work which rendered numerous tracks, but also a lot of knowledge and understanding in how to produce, arrange and write melodies.
With the first full time employment pay check received in early 2000 Read more on

Style: Trance, Progressive trance, Uplifting trance, Electronic, Vocal trance

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Airbase discography

Title TrackRank
Airbase - Asylum
Airbase - Back
Airbase - Denial
Airbase - Emotion
Airbase - Escape
Airbase - Escape (2011 Album Mix)
Airbase - Escape (Original Mix)
Airbase - Escape [Mix Cut] - Original Mix
Airbase - For The Fallen
Airbase - Garden State
Airbase - Genie
Airbase - Genie (Michael Splint Vs F & W Remix)
Airbase - Genie (Original Mix)
Airbase - Interfere
Airbase - Last Door On The Left
Airbase - Lucid (Kopi Luwak Smooth Chill Remix)
Airbase - Magic Silence (Intro)
Airbase - Medusa
Airbase - Medusa (Original Mix)
Airbase - Medusa - Radio Edit
Airbase - Modus Operandi
Airbase - Mondegreen - Radio Edit
Airbase - Ocean Realm
Airbase - One Tear Away
Airbase - Pandemonium
Airbase - Rest In Peace
Airbase - Sand & Sorrow
Airbase - Silent Music For Quiet People
Airbase - Sinister
Airbase - Skyway (Airbase Remix)
Airbase - Spin
Airbase - St. Emilion
Airbase - Sun City
Airbase - T-Pod
Airbase - Tangerine (Original Mix)
Airbase - The Answer (Airbase Remix)
Airbase - The Journey
Airbase - The Road Not Taken
Airbase - Theme From The Rock
Airbase - Top Break
Airbase - Uppercut - Radio Edit
Airbase - Uppercut [ASOT 587] - Original Mix
Airbase - We Might Fall

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