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Austra biography

Named for the Latvian goddess of light, Austra are an electronic band from Toronto, ON, Canada comprising Katie Stelmanis (principal songwriter), Maya Postepski, and Dorian Wolf.
They d├ębuted with the single "The Beat and the Pulse" (November 2010, One Big Silence), and their sophomore record, "Olympia", was released in June 2013 on Domino).
The group released their latest album, "Future Politics", in January 2017. Their debut album, "Feel It Break" (May 2011 Read more on

Style: Electronic, Seen live, Female vocalists, Experimental, Canadian

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Austra discography

Title TrackRank
Austra - 43
Austra - Alone, Together
Austra - American Science
Austra - Angel In Your Eye
Austra - Annie (Oh Muse, You)
Austra - Bass Drum Dance
Austra - Beat And The Pulse - Extended Version
Austra - Beat and the Pulse
Austra - Believe Me
Austra - Beyond A Mortal
Austra - Crying
Austra - Darken Her Horse
Austra - Deep Thought
Austra - Doepfer
Austra - Energy
Austra - Fire
Austra - Forgive Me
Austra - Freepower
Austra - Future Politics
Austra - Gaia
Austra - Habitat
Austra - Hate Crime
Austra - Home
Austra - Hurt Me Now
Austra - I Don't Care (I'm a Man)
Austra - I Love You More Than You Love Yourself
Austra - I'm A Monster
Austra - Identity
Austra - Lose It
Austra - Painful Like
Austra - Pianix
Austra - Reconcile
Austra - Shoot the Water
Austra - Sleep
Austra - Spellwork
Austra - The Beast
Austra - The Choke
Austra - The Future
Austra - The Noise
Austra - The Villain
Austra - Trip
Austra - Utopia
Austra - We Become
Austra - We Were Alive
Austra - What We Done?
Austra - Woodstock
Austra - You Changed My Life
Austra - Young and Gay

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