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Chab biography

Chab is the stage name used by Swiss house music producer and remixer François Chabloz.
Known for his progressive house style, Chabloz has an extensive history as a remixer and he has also released material under the monikers Moogwai and Star.
Artists remixed by Chab include Gorillaz, Depeche Mode, Röyksopp and Nelly Furtado. Chab is often known as the Global Undeground producer ("Tunneling" on A.
Pappa cd, "Shaïva" on D.
Howells cd, "Matica" on S.

Style: Progressive House, House, Electronic, Switzerland, Chab

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Chab discography

Title TrackRank
Chab - 1987
Chab - Close To Me (Feat Jd Davis)
Chab - Closer To Me
Chab - Closer to Me (feat. Jd Davis)
Chab - Five
Chab - Five (Andrea Introvigne Zero 8 Remix)
Chab - Five - Andrea Introvigne Zero 8 Remix
Chab - Lover
Chab - Lover (Satoshi Tomiie 3D Dub)
Chab - Matica
Chab - Monster
Chab - Monster (Feat Jd Davis)
Chab - My Memory
Chab - My Memory (My Memory Mix 2)
Chab - Right Where It Belongs
Chab - Sunrise
Chab - The Dub Session
Chab - The Sinus
Chab - Tunneling
Chab - Tunnelling
Chab - Us And Them
Chab - You & Me
Chab - You And Me (12" Club Mix)
Chab - You and Me

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