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D12 biography

D12 (aka The Dirty Dozen and D-Twizzy) was initially formed in 1991 by Proof who invited local Detroit rappers such as Bizarre, Eminem and other members who would leave the crew before it achieved success including Eye Kyu, Killa Hawk and Fuzz.
The group was a loose collective in the vein of Wu-Tang Clan.
Several members began making names for themselves in hip hop during the late 1990s.
Bizarre was named Inner City Entertainment's "Flava of the Week".
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Style: Rap, Hip-Hop, Hip hop, Gangsta Rap, D12

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D12 discography

Title TrackRank
D12 - 40 Oz.
D12 - 6 in the Morning
D12 - Ain't Nuttin But Music
D12 - American Psycho
D12 - Another Public Service Announc
D12 - Barbershop
D12 - Bitch
D12 - Bizarre (skit)
D12 - Blow my buzz
D12 - Bugz 97 (skit)
D12 - Commercial Break
D12 - D-12 World
D12 - Devils Night
D12 - Dude (skit)
D12 - Fight Music
D12 - Get My Gun
D12 - Girls
D12 - Git Up
D12 - Good Die Young
D12 - How Come
D12 - I'll Be Damned
D12 - Instigator
D12 - Just Like U
D12 - Leave Dat Boy Alone
D12 - Lies & Rumors
D12 - Loyalty
D12 - Loyalty (feat. Obie Trice)
D12 - My Band
D12 - Nasty Mind
D12 - Obie Trice (skit)
D12 - One Shot 2 Shot
D12 - Pimp Like Me
D12 - Pistol Pistol
D12 - Purple Hills
D12 - Purple Pills
D12 - Rap Game
D12 - Revelation
D12 - Shit Can Happen
D12 - Shit on You
D12 - Stan
D12 - Steve Berman (skit)
D12 - Steve's Coffee House (skit)
D12 - That's How (skit)
D12 - U R the One

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