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There are 2 bands under the name LFO.
1) English band LFO were one of the pioneers of the harsh techno of the early 1990s.
Originally comprising Gez Varley (also known as Jez Varley) and Mark Bell, they met while studying at Leeds and gave their first track, the eponymous “LFO”, to Nightmares On Wax.
The demo’s popularity in clubs lead to the track being released by Warp in 1990, where it made it into the Top Twenty.
The name “LFO” comes from the term low frequency oscillator Read more on Last.fm

Style: Techno, Electronic, Idm, Electronica, Warp

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Lfo diskographie

LFO - 'Premacy
LFO - Advance
LFO - Blown
LFO - Butterslut
LFO - El Ef Oh!
LFO - Every Other Time
LFO - Flu-Shot (Kringlan)
LFO - Forever
LFO - Freak
LFO - Freeze
LFO - Freeze (Labradford remix)
LFO - Girl on TV
LFO - Goodnight Vienna
LFO - Groovy Distortion
LFO - Intro
LFO - Jason Vorhees
LFO - Kombat Drinking
LFO - L.F.O.
LFO - LFO (Leeds Warehouse mix)
LFO - Loch Ness
LFO - Love Is the Message
LFO - Mentok 1
LFO - Moistly
LFO - Mokeylips
LFO - Mum - Man
LFO - Mum-Man
LFO - Mummy, I've Had an Accident...
LFO - Nevertheless
LFO - Nurture
LFO - Nurture (Surgeon remix)
LFO - Pathfinder
LFO - Psychodelik
LFO - Shove Piggy Shove
LFO - Shut Down
LFO - Simon from Sydney
LFO - Sleepy Chicken
LFO - Snot
LFO - Summer Girls
LFO - Summergirls
LFO - Tan Ta Ra
LFO - Them
LFO - Think a Moment
LFO - Tied Up
LFO - Ultra Schall
LFO - Unafraid to Linger
LFO - We Are Back
LFO - West Side Story
LFO - You Have to Understand

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