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Teebee Biografie

AKA DJ Teebee, a Norwegian DJ and producer of the drum n bass style of dance music.
Real name Torgeir Byrknes, Teebee began DJing in 1990 and released his first record in 1996.
He was one of the first drum n bass producers from outside the UK to rise to the A-list of the scene, and won the Knowledge Magazine award for Best International Producer in 2001. Teebee's music is characterized by a strong dark and futuristic science fiction influence.
Teebee material could be classed as neurofunk or techstep Read more on Last.fm

Style: Drum and bass, Neurofunk, Dnb, Drum n Bass, Electronic

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Teebee diskographie

Teebee - All I Need
Teebee - Behind the Sun
Teebee - Bioform
Teebee - Blue Rose
Teebee - Bounce
Teebee - Brainwaves
Teebee - Corpse
Teebee - Distant Origin
Teebee - Evil Ways
Teebee - Fingerprints
Teebee - Forever Lost
Teebee - Frequencies
Teebee - Future War
Teebee - Gravity Distortion
Teebee - Guilty
Teebee - Human Reptile
Teebee - Hunter
Teebee - Let Go
Teebee - Lifepod
Teebee - Liquid Light
Teebee - Live at Szolf├ęzs (2003.03.08.)
Teebee - Lost
Teebee - Lost Souls
Teebee - Not The One
Teebee - Objects in Motion
Teebee - Padawan
Teebee - Quiet Moment
Teebee - Rave Alarm
Teebee - Redwind
Teebee - Retaliation
Teebee - Revelations
Teebee - Severed Dreams
Teebee - Sick!
Teebee - Silent Depths
Teebee - Spaceage
Teebee - Still Human
Teebee - Stolen Documents
Teebee - The Claw
Teebee - The End of the Journey
Teebee - The Execution
Teebee - The Force
Teebee - The Gateway
Teebee - The Void
Teebee - Tribal Jedi
Teebee - Tsunami
Teebee - Uneasy
Teebee - Unknown Approach
Teebee - Vengeance
Teebee - Warehouse

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