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Delerium biography

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Delerium is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, formed in 1987, originally as another side project (Intermix being the more techno-sounding project) of the influential industrial music act, Front Line Assembly. Delerium has traditionally been a two-person project, but the only constant member throughout its history has been Bill Leeb.
After Michael Balch left both Front Line Assembly and Delerium Read more on

Style: Ambient, Electronic, Trance, Chillout, Electronica

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Delerium discography

Title TrackRank
Delerium - 'Til the End of Time
Delerium - A Poem for Byzantium
Delerium - After All
Delerium - Amongst the Ruins
Delerium - Apparition
Delerium - Aria
Delerium - Consensual Worlds
Delerium - Daylight
Delerium - Duende
Delerium - Enchanted
Delerium - Eternal Odyssey
Delerium - Euphoria (Firefly)
Delerium - Fallen
Delerium - Fallen Icons
Delerium - Flatlands
Delerium - Flowers Become Screens
Delerium - Forever After
Delerium - Forgotten Worlds
Delerium - Gateway
Delerium - Heaven's Earth
Delerium - Incantation
Delerium - Innocente
Delerium - Just a Dream
Delerium - Lamentation
Delerium - Love
Delerium - Magic
Delerium - Metamorphosis
Delerium - Metaphor
Delerium - Myth
Delerium - Nature's Kingdom
Delerium - Orbit Of Me
Delerium - Remembrance
Delerium - Resurrection
Delerium - Returning
Delerium - Run For It
Delerium - Sensorium
Delerium - Serenity
Delerium - Silence
Delerium - Silence (DJ Tiësto's In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
Delerium - Silence (Sanctuary mix)
Delerium - Stopwatch Hearts
Delerium - Tectonic Shift
Delerium - Temptation
Delerium - Terra Firma
Delerium - Truly
Delerium - Twilight
Delerium - Underwater
Delerium - Window to Your Soul
Delerium - Wisdom

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