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Dokmai biography

A collaboration between Tiësto, 16 Bit Lolitas, Dennis Waakop Reijers, Roberto Scilatti & Eliano Daviti.
The only track released under "Dokmai" was "Reasons to Believe" which was featured on Tiësto's "In Search of Sunrise7: Asia".

Style: Trance, Vocal trance, Electronic, Progressive trance, Melodic trance

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Dokmai discography

Title TrackRank
Dokmai - 11 - Reason To Believe
Dokmai - 11 Reason To Believe
Dokmai - CD1 (11) [Dokmai] Reason To Believe
Dokmai - Denial
Dokmai - Dokmai - Reason To Believe
Dokmai - ID
Dokmai - IN SEARCH OF SUNRISE 7 - Disc
Dokmai - In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia (Mixed by Tiesto): Reason To Believe
Dokmai - NO Reason To Believe
Dokmai - Reason To Beleive
Dokmai - Reason to Believe [Aspeth Mix Edit]
Dokmai - Reasons To Believe
Dokmai - Reasons to Believe [Original Mix]
Dokmai - Release
Dokmai - reason_to_believe_trance_9835

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