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There are at least four artists known as Actress. 1) Actress is the artist alias of Wolverhampton’s Darren Cunningham.
If you’re looking for clues to his music, you’re better off starting with "Hazyville", the title of his debut album.
The record presents a landscape as blurry as its title, with house and hiphop beats dissolving into a spray of bits and tape hiss.
When "Hazyville" came out in 2008, it sounded unlike anything else out there — you could hear echoes of the familiar (Moodymann Read more on

Estilo: Experimental, Electronic, Idm, Techno, Dubstep

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Actress discografía

Título de la canciónRank
Actress - Again the Addiction
Actress - Againlude
Actress - Always Human
Actress - Ascending
Actress - Birdcage
Actress - Bubble Butts and Equations
Actress - Casanova
Actress - Caves of Paradise
Actress - Contagious
Actress - Corner
Actress - Crushed
Actress - Doggin'
Actress - Forgiven
Actress - Futureproofing
Actress - Gaze
Actress - Get Ohn (Fairlight mix)
Actress - Glint
Actress - Hazylude
Actress - Hazyville
Actress - Holy Water
Actress - Hubble
Actress - I Can't Forgive You
Actress - IWAAD
Actress - Ivy May Gilpin
Actress - Jardin
Actress - Let's Fly
Actress - Lost
Actress - Marble Plexus
Actress - Maze
Actress - Mincin
Actress - N.E.W.
Actress - Our
Actress - Purrple Splazsh
Actress - R.I.P.
Actress - RAP
Actress - Raven
Actress - Redit 124
Actress - Rims
Actress - Senorita
Actress - Serpent
Actress - Shadow from Tartarus
Actress - Skyline
Actress - Supreme Cunnilingus
Actress - The Kettle Men
Actress - The Lord's Graffiti
Actress - Time
Actress - Towers
Actress - Tree of Knowledge
Actress - Uriel's Black Harp
Actress - Wrong Potion

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