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Amethystium is a music project aiming to create and explore emotive imaginary worlds in sound.
Primarily electronic-based, the compositions traverse a span of moods that includes both light and darkness, bliss and melancholy.
They range from the purely relaxing to the subtly intense, creating dreamlike and evocative musical journeys.
Formed by Norwegian composer/producer Øystein Ramfjord, Amethystium started out independently with a demo release in late 1999.

Estilo: Ambient, New age, Chillout, Electronic, Ethereal

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Amethystium discografía

Título de la canciónRank
Amethystium - A Small Adventure
Amethystium - Ad Astra
Amethystium - Anthemoessa
Amethystium - Arcane Voices
Amethystium - Arcus
Amethystium - Ascension
Amethystium - Automne
Amethystium - Autumn Interlude
Amethystium - Avalon
Amethystium - Barefoot
Amethystium - Berceuse
Amethystium - Break of Dawn
Amethystium - Calantha
Amethystium - Dreamdance
Amethystium - Dreamlike Insomnia
Amethystium - Elegy
Amethystium - Elvensong
Amethystium - Enchantment
Amethystium - Ethereal
Amethystium - Exultation
Amethystium - Fable
Amethystium - Fairyland
Amethystium - Faraway
Amethystium - Frosty Morning Bliss
Amethystium - Garden of Sakuntala
Amethystium - Gates of Morpheus
Amethystium - Hymnody
Amethystium - Ilona
Amethystium - Imaginatio
Amethystium - Innocence
Amethystium - Into the Twilight
Amethystium - La Pluie
Amethystium - Lhasa
Amethystium - Lost
Amethystium - Meadowland
Amethystium - Nightfall
Amethystium - Odyssey
Amethystium - Opaque
Amethystium - Paean
Amethystium - Reverie
Amethystium - Satori
Amethystium - Shadow to Light
Amethystium - Shadowlands
Amethystium - Shibumi
Amethystium - Silken Twine
Amethystium - Strangely Beautiful
Amethystium - Tinuviel
Amethystium - Treasure
Amethystium - Unbounded
Amethystium - Withdrawal

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