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Berlin's Uwe Zahn released his first tracks as the Arovane EP on the Din label, which also released the first of German dub minimalist Stefan Betke's work as Pole.
Stylistically, Arovane's work hearkens back to the insular melodic electro of early Autechre, combining interesting, highly syncopated machine box rhythms with warm, delicate synth textures that evoke a gauzy, somewhat nostalgic mood contrasted by the sharpness of the rhythms.

Estilo: Idm, Ambient, Electronic, Electronica, Downtempo

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Arovane discografía

Título de la canciónRank
Arovane - (Fard) Ent:R
Arovane - A Secret
Arovane - Acval
Arovane - Ambelio
Arovane - Amine
Arovane - Andar
Arovane - Atol Scrap
Arovane - Audiofragment
Arovane - Außen Vor Amx
Arovane - Bitstream (remix)
Arovane - Cry Osaka Cry
Arovane - Deauville
Arovane - Eleventh!
Arovane - Epilogue
Arovane - Failed
Arovane - Good Bye Forever
Arovane - I.O.
Arovane - Icol Vern
Arovane - Instant Gods Out of the Box
Arovane - Lilies
Arovane - Nacrath
Arovane - Neyem
Arovane - No.8 Amx
Arovane - Nonlin.r
Arovane - Norvum
Arovane - Occer
Arovane - Parf
Arovane - Passage to Nagoya
Arovane - Pink Lilies
Arovane - R/Elet
Arovane - Revart Amx
Arovane - Scapen Te
Arovane - Scrai-n
Arovane - Seaside
Arovane - Silicad
Arovane - Tascel_7
Arovane - Ten Hours
Arovane - Thaem Nue
Arovane - The Storm
Arovane - Theme
Arovane - Tides
Arovane - Tokyo Ghost Stories
Arovane - Tomorrow Morning
Arovane - Torn
Arovane - Windy Wish Trees
Arovane - Yua:E
Arovane - driad
Arovane - evlecc
Arovane - tabl f
Arovane - vraiil

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