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AS1, a.k.a Arnold Steiner, worked as graphic designer in New York from 1996 to 2005, doing work for labels such as Planet Mu, Schematic, Rawkus, Breakbeat Science, Laboratory Instinct, Fuel, Monotone, Imputor and many more. In 2005, he moved back to his home town Miami to focus on his music and to start his own Electro label called Transient Force.
This label will be featuring artist like Gosub, Alpha 606, Uprokk, Nomadic, Spectre313, Luke Eargoggle, Stingray313, Kragg, Wundt, Medley, Hectic and many more.
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Estilo: Electro, Electronic, Nu electro, E-l-e-c-t-r-o, Experimental

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As1 discografía

Título de la canciónRank
As1 - 305
As1 - Automatic Syncromatic
As1 - Basslines
As1 - Clouds Of Thunder
As1 - Coming For You
As1 - Cubic Faces
As1 - Daymares
As1 - Digitaly num
As1 - Empty Because of You
As1 - Eyes Are Closed
As1 - Flotation Device
As1 - From The Above
As1 - Gearshift
As1 - I Will
As1 - In the End
As1 - Kill The Drama
As1 - Lets be Honest
As1 - Megaton
As1 - Night Child
As1 - No Rest
As1 - Nuts
As1 - Pounding Steel
As1 - R.F.I.D.
As1 - Reflective Reflection
As1 - Robot Sex Freak
As1 - Sequential Addiction
As1 - Shit Gets Lost
As1 - Silent Target
As1 - Sleepless
As1 - Slow Kill
As1 - Slowkill
As1 - Solar Lifestyle
As1 - Speaker Sex
As1 - Step By Step
As1 - Stomping Grounds
As1 - Talking To Soul
As1 - Techfunk
As1 - The Lost Forever
As1 - The Republic Of
As1 - These Dirty Streets
As1 - This Is How
As1 - Tinman Boogie
As1 - UFO Gathering
As1 - Unpredictable Tomorrow
As1 - Untold Secrets
As1 - Walking on Fire
As1 - Wireless State Of Mind
As1 - Within Me

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