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Biosphere biografía

Biosphere is the main recording name of Geir Jenssen (born 1962 in Tromsø, Norway), a musician who has released a notable catalog of ambient electronic music.
He is well known for his "ambient house" then "arctic ambient" styles, and his use of music loops and peculiar samples from sci-fi sources.
His track "Novelty Waves" was used for the 1995 Levi's ad campaign.
His 1997 album Substrata is generally seen as one of the all-time classic ambient albums.

Estilo: Ambient, Electronic, Experimental, Chillout, Electronica

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Biosphere discografía

Título de la canciónRank
Biosphere - Altostratus
Biosphere - Ancient Campfire
Biosphere - Antennaria
Biosphere - As the Sun Kissed the Horizon
Biosphere - Baby Interphase
Biosphere - Baby Satellite
Biosphere - Biosphere
Biosphere - Birds Fly by Flapping Their Wings
Biosphere - Black Lamb & Grey Falcon
Biosphere - Chromosphere
Biosphere - Chukhung
Biosphere - Cloudwalker II
Biosphere - Cygnus-A
Biosphere - Decryption
Biosphere - Dissolving Clouds
Biosphere - From a Solid to a Liquid
Biosphere - Genkai-1
Biosphere - Grandiflora
Biosphere - Hyperborea
Biosphere - Iberia Eterea
Biosphere - In Triple Time
Biosphere - Kobresia
Biosphere - Le Grand Dome
Biosphere - Mestigoth
Biosphere - Microgravity
Biosphere - Miniature Rock Dwellers
Biosphere - Mir
Biosphere - Moistened & Dried
Biosphere - Nook & Cranny
Biosphere - Novelty Waves
Biosphere - Patashnik
Biosphere - Phantasm
Biosphere - Poa Alpina
Biosphere - Sendai-1
Biosphere - Shenzhou
Biosphere - Shika-1
Biosphere - Silene
Biosphere - Sphere of No-Form
Biosphere - Spindrift
Biosphere - Startoucher
Biosphere - The Fairy Tale
Biosphere - The Shield
Biosphere - The Silent Orchestra
Biosphere - The Things I Tell You
Biosphere - Times When I Know You'll Be Sad
Biosphere - Too Fragile To Walk On
Biosphere - Tranquilizer
Biosphere - Uva-Ursi
Biosphere - Warmed by the Drift
Biosphere - When I Leave

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