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A St.
Albans resident, Dan Richmond cut his teeth in the early part of this decade with material bearing a likeness to the futurist ideals of drum and bass producers like Optical, Ed Rush, and Nico.
As dubstep began to develop its own musical language, its emerging low end sonic tropes and freedom from rhythmic clutter acted as the catalyst for Clubroot. Mary Anne Hobbs commissioned a mix for her Radio 1 show, and the Electronic Explorations podcast has repeatedly featured his work.
He is signed to Lo Dubs.

Estilo: Dubstep, Ambient, Electronic, Idm, Atmospheric

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Clubroot discografía

Título de la canciónRank
Clubroot - 'Restraint'
Clubroot - Birth Interlude
Clubroot - Celestial
Clubroot - Chamber
Clubroot - Cherubs Cry
Clubroot - Closure
Clubroot - Comedown
Clubroot - Deep In Thought
Clubroot - Demon Drum
Clubroot - Dry Cured
Clubroot - Dulcet
Clubroot - Dulcet (Bryan Zentz Remix)
Clubroot - Dulcet (Kuma Remix)
Clubroot - Dulcet - Bryan Zentz Remix
Clubroot - Dust Storm
Clubroot - Eastern Promise
Clubroot - Embryo
Clubroot - Ennio's Eden
Clubroot - Faith In Her
Clubroot - Garrison
Clubroot - Hellion
Clubroot - High Strung
Clubroot - Inviolable
Clubroot - Left-Hand Path
Clubroot - Low Pressure Zone
Clubroot - Lucid Dream
Clubroot - Lurking In The Shadows
Clubroot - Murmur Interlude
Clubroot - My Kingdom
Clubroot - Nexus
Clubroot - Orbiting
Clubroot - Physicality
Clubroot - Remember Me
Clubroot - Restraint
Clubroot - Restraint/Untitled
Clubroot - Running on Empty
Clubroot - Scars
Clubroot - Sempiternal
Clubroot - Serendipity Dub
Clubroot - Sjambok
Clubroot - Solar Flares
Clubroot - Summons
Clubroot - Talisman
Clubroot - Tempt Fate
Clubroot - The Healing - Clubroot Remix
Clubroot - Time Flys
Clubroot - Toe to Toe
Clubroot - Waterways
Clubroot - Whistles & Horns

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