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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Function is techno / minimal producer David Sumner who has released music on labels such as Infrastructure New York and Sandwell District. 2) Function is Matthew L Nicholson, an Australian born musician/composer/sound artist/producer.
His nomadic collusion with a geographically vast network of talented friends creates Function.
Begun as an occasionally tended to solo venture in 1995, Function in recent years have relocated to being based between USA & Europe Read more on

Estilo: Techno, Electronic, Experimental, Idm, Minimal techno

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Function discografía

Título de la canciónRank
Function - Against The Wall (Rrose Remix)
Function - Against the Wall
Function - Beloved, Lost To Begin With
Function - Burn
Function - City River Rock
Function - Counterpoint
Function - DX3_Analog_Bass_Seq
Function - Descending
Function - Disaffected
Function - Electric Outcome
Function - Ember (Field)
Function - Falling The Same Way (Dommune Version)
Function - Function Sampler 1
Function - Ghost Echoes
Function - Gradient (Intro)
Function - Gradient I
Function - Hanalei (Alone With The Real Magic Dragon)
Function - Immolare (Function Version)
Function - Incubation (Prologue)
Function - Inter
Function - Isotope
Function - Mad Light Obviating Things, Pt. 1
Function - Modifier
Function - New Music For Bowed Animals
Function - Obsessed
Function - Obsessed (Substance Remix)
Function - Picabia
Function - Prayer In Tonal Forest
Function - Psychic Warfare
Function - Reykjavik
Function - Shards
Function - Sinai (Freedom Doesn't Care What I Do)
Function - The Broken Shaman
Function - The Red Hook Overview
Function - The Wind Itself
Function - Thunder's Freshwater Tears
Function - Tiger Cub Samurai
Function - Unshaken (Positively Implacable)
Function - Variance
Function - Variance (Function Reduced Edit)
Function - Variance - Ben Klock Mix
Function - Voiceprint

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