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Galaxy: (1) Ambient/chill/slowtempo project of Boris Blenn (also known as Electric Universe).
(2) Canadian rock band.
(3) Swiss progressive rock group from the 70's.
(4) Mid-to-late 70's Florida band playing heavy/psychedelic/space rock (5) Finnish-Senegalese mbalax/african pop music group.
(6) Swedish local pop band from Gävle in the early 90's. (1) Galaxy is one of the projects by Boris Blenn.
Unlike the Electric Universe, Galaxy is much more floating, slower and ambient style.

Estilo: Ambient, Psychill, Chillout, Psychedelic Rock, Downtempo

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Galaxy discografía

Título de la canciónRank
Galaxy - Alien Encounters (Vol 1)
Galaxy - Aquarian Deep Sea Diving
Galaxy - Baile Celestial
Galaxy - Big Blue
Galaxy - Bucets!
Galaxy - Castle In The Blue Sky
Galaxy - Connected
Galaxy - Cosmonautical
Galaxy - Dancing Tight
Galaxy - Day Without the Sun
Galaxy - Dicionário Brasileiro
Galaxy - Disidentification
Galaxy - Dreamland
Galaxy - Electro Universe Vol 3D
Galaxy - Everlasting Tone
Galaxy - Feel In Love With A Alien (Habana Club)
Galaxy - Fell in Love with an Alien
Galaxy - Flight Of The Phoenix
Galaxy - Fragment
Galaxy - Freezer
Galaxy - Galaxy
Galaxy - Golden Crown
Galaxy - Green Stuff
Galaxy - Higher Frequency
Galaxy - Higher Vibration
Galaxy - Highlight Diver
Galaxy - I Fell in Love with an Alien
Galaxy - Including This
Galaxy - Insine
Galaxy - Introspection
Galaxy - La Casa De Can Raco
Galaxy - Liquid Sky
Galaxy - Look What You Done
Galaxy - Meet The Buddha
Galaxy - Musication Celebration
Galaxy - On The Moon
Galaxy - Open Your Heart
Galaxy - Procurando
Galaxy - Science Of Ecstasy
Galaxy - Silent Soundscape
Galaxy - Sky Queen
Galaxy - Space Mountain
Galaxy - Subharmonic
Galaxy - Sunrise At Aguas Blancas
Galaxy - The Island
Galaxy - Toksin
Galaxy - Venus Cat
Galaxy - Walking On Clouds
Galaxy - Wavemode
Galaxy - Where The Elements Meet

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