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Plaid (pronounced \ˈplad\) are the London electronic music duo Andy Turner & Ed Handley.
They are former members of The Black Dog and used many other names (such as Atypic and Balil) before settling on Plaid.
They have collaborated with female singers Mara Carlyle, Nicolette and Björk, and have released records on the labels Clear, Warner, Black Dog Productions, and Warp Records. Plaid often work collaboratively with visual artist Bob Jaroc.
They have developed a DVD consisting of new material and video artwork to accompany the music Read more on

Estilo: Idm, Electronic, Ambient, Electronica, Warp

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Plaid discografía

Título de la canciónRank
Plaid - 3 Recurring
Plaid - Abla Eedio
Plaid - Assault on Precinct Zero
Plaid - B Born Droid
Plaid - Buddy
Plaid - Cedar City
Plaid - Churn Maiden
Plaid - Crumax Rins
Plaid - Dang Spot
Plaid - Dead Sea
Plaid - Even Spring
Plaid - Eye Robot
Plaid - Eyen
Plaid - Gel Lab
Plaid - Hawkmoth
Plaid - Headspin
Plaid - Kortisin
Plaid - Lambs Eye
Plaid - Last Remembered Thing
Plaid - Light Rain
Plaid - Lilith
Plaid - Little People
Plaid - Manyme
Plaid - Marry
Plaid - Missing
Plaid - Myopia
Plaid - New Bass Hippo
Plaid - New Family
Plaid - OH
Plaid - Ooh Be Do
Plaid - Pino Pomo
Plaid - Ralome
Plaid - Shackbu
Plaid - Silversum
Plaid - Sincetta
Plaid - Squance
Plaid - Tak 1
Plaid - Tak 2
Plaid - Tak 3
Plaid - Tak 4
Plaid - Tak 5
Plaid - Tearisci
Plaid - Thank
Plaid - Ti Bom
Plaid - Twin Home
Plaid - Unbank
Plaid - Upona
Plaid - Zala
Plaid - Zamami
Plaid - Zeal

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