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Potrotaino biografía

PUNK / HARDCORE band from the Basque Country.
They started in a small and rural village named Ordizia in 1984 and since then, they 4 have been into the punk-hardcore scene.
They recorded 2 demo tapes quite lo-fi during the 80s decade and in 1991 made a quite good LP / CD with a high quality sound and 2 anecdotes: an electronical drums and some times a bit of keyboards.
So in general had a more modern sound.
The second album was recorded by the anarchist label-distro "DDT Records" and their sound became closer to hardcore, faster.
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Estilo: Punk, Anarcho-punk, Hardcore punk, Euskal herria

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Potrotaino discografía

Título de la canciónRank
Potrotaino - Antiglobalización
Potrotaino - Asko
Potrotaino - Borrayo (Polo II)
Potrotaino - Chavales
Potrotaino - Condenados
Potrotaino - Critikan
Potrotaino - Cruce de miradas
Potrotaino - Demenciales chicos acelerados
Potrotaino - Despojo de la guerra
Potrotaino - Destruccion
Potrotaino - Destrucción
Potrotaino - Disturbios
Potrotaino - Extraña sensación
Potrotaino - Hecatombe
Potrotaino - Historia triste
Potrotaino - La Cuesta De San Juan
Potrotaino - La muerte
Potrotaino - La puta droga
Potrotaino - Los Demenciales Chicos Acelerados
Potrotaino - Los Perros De La CIA
Potrotaino - Madrugando
Potrotaino - Mili No
Potrotaino - Muerte al Violador
Potrotaino - Nena
Potrotaino - Otra Guerra
Potrotaino - Otro Cigarrillo
Potrotaino - Pensamiento Anulado
Potrotaino - Policia Fascista
Potrotaino - Policía fascista
Potrotaino - Politica
Potrotaino - Polo
Potrotaino - Prisiones Del Estado
Potrotaino - Puta Mili
Potrotaino - Puta vida
Potrotaino - Ricos poderosos
Potrotaino - Rio oria
Potrotaino - Río Oria
Potrotaino - Sensaciones
Potrotaino - Sentimiento
Potrotaino - Trinchera
Potrotaino - Venceremos
Potrotaino - cipayos
Potrotaino - critican
Potrotaino - policia fascista.
Potrotaino - requiem
Potrotaino - ricos y poderosos.
Potrotaino - sangre por la pared
Potrotaino - sin ti
Potrotaino - zipaios

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