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Trelleborg is a band from Saint-Petersburg.
They play Symphonic Metal with elements of humppa.
The band is named after fortress in Denmark built around 1000 year by Danish King Svein Forkbeard during the war with Anglo-Saxons.
The circle in the middle part of band's logo is a schematic plan of the fortress from a bird's-eye view. Trelleborg are : Kirill J.
- vocals, lead- and rhytm-guitars, keyboards Oksi - accordion Dmitriy - bass Discography : Read more on

Estilo: Viking metal, Folk metal, Humppa Metal, Epic viking battle metal, Russian

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Trelleborg discografía

Título de la canciónRank
Trelleborg - 5A=O > [email protected]>6=>9 <>;>4>AB8 (. >17>= cover)
Trelleborg - Against the Winds
Trelleborg - At the Last
Trelleborg - Battery
Trelleborg - Battery (Metallica cover)
Trelleborg - Birth of Skerriz
Trelleborg - Born Under Sign
Trelleborg - Declare The Beauty
Trelleborg - Entering The Lands (фрагмент)
Trelleborg - Entering the Lands
Trelleborg - From The Seas
Trelleborg - Gods of Arena (game OST) - Main Theme (english version)
Trelleborg - Going Down
Trelleborg - Gunbjorn (Birth Of Skerriz) (single version)
Trelleborg - I Like
Trelleborg - In The Name Of Love (orchestral version)
Trelleborg - In the Name of Love
Trelleborg - Into Battle
Trelleborg - Jingle Bells
Trelleborg - Katyusha
Trelleborg - King of the World
Trelleborg - Let Me Hear You Scream (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
Trelleborg - Metsänhumppa!
Trelleborg - Mi Amor
Trelleborg - Mi Amor (Instrumental Versdion)
Trelleborg - Mi Amor (acoustic version)
Trelleborg - Mi Amor (instrumental version)
Trelleborg - Mi Amor (orchestral version)
Trelleborg - Pesnya o Trevozhnoy Molodosti
Trelleborg - Spellful Cup
Trelleborg - Sudden Arise
Trelleborg - Tale Of The Immortals 2011
Trelleborg - Tale of the Immortals
Trelleborg - The Declaration
Trelleborg - Titanium (David Guetta cover)
Trelleborg - pesnya o trevojnoi molodosti
Trelleborg - Ïåñíÿ î òðåâîæíîé ìîëîäîñòè
Trelleborg - Катюша
Trelleborg - Песня О Тревожной Молодости (Иосиф Кобзон cover)

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