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Ulver biografía

Ulver (Norwegian for “wolves”) is a multi-disciplinary musical group founded in Oslo, Norway and currently based in London, England.
The band was formed by Kristoffer "Garm" Rygg in 1993, and the current line-up includes Rygg (vocal, programming), Jørn H.
Sværen (misc.), Tore Ylwizaker (programming, piano) and Daniel O'Sullivan (guitar, piano, various).
Since their first black metal releases in 1993, Ulver’s style has ever been changing by combining elements of experimental Read more on Last.fm

Estilo: Black metal, Experimental, Ambient, Avant-Garde, Electronic

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Ulver discografía

Título de la canciónRank
Ulver - A Cappella (Sielens sang)
Ulver - All the Love
Ulver - Ante Andante
Ulver - Blinded By Blood
Ulver - Capitel I: I Troldskog faren vild
Ulver - Catalept
Ulver - Christmas
Ulver - Comedown
Ulver - Dead City Centres
Ulver - Dressed In Black
Ulver - Eos
Ulver - February MMX
Ulver - For The Love Of God
Ulver - Funebre
Ulver - Halling
Ulver - Hallways of Always
Ulver - Hiertets vee
Ulver - Høyfjeldsbilde
Ulver - I troldskog faren vild
Ulver - In The Red
Ulver - It Is Not Sound
Ulver - Kledt i nattens farger
Ulver - Kveldssang
Ulver - Let the Children Go
Ulver - Like Music
Ulver - Little Blue Bird
Ulver - Lost in Moments
Ulver - Nattleite
Ulver - Naturmystikk
Ulver - Norwegian Gothic
Ulver - Nowhere/Catastrophe
Ulver - Operator
Ulver - Plate 3
Ulver - Plates 5-6
Ulver - Porn Piece or the Scars of Cold Kisses
Ulver - Preface
Ulver - Shadows of the Sun
Ulver - Solitude
Ulver - Surface
Ulver - The Future Sound of Music
Ulver - The Truth
Ulver - Tomorrow Never Knows
Ulver - Ulvsblakk
Ulver - Utreise
Ulver - Vigil
Ulver - Waltz of King Karl
Ulver - We Are the Dead
Ulver - What Happened?
Ulver - Your Call
Ulver - Østenfor sol og vestenfor maane

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