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My name is Elad Afgin, also known as Afgin.
I am proud to present my special world of music… It all begun around the mid ‛90s.
Some where around the summer of 1995 was my first experience with what was called until than, Goa Trance.
Those were the golden years of the Goa trance style, from the crazy full moon parties in Ko-phangan to the many colorful sunrises.
That was a time of the underground parties in Israel.
I remember my first party when I was 16 years old.

Style: Goa, Goa Trance, Psytrance, Psychedelic, Psychedelic trance

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Afgin discographie

Afgin - 10,000 Shapes
Afgin - Aden Prayers
Afgin - Amanita
Afgin - Amber (Goa Mix)
Afgin - Apollo 11 (The Eagle Has Landed)
Afgin - Astral Experience
Afgin - Beyond the Horizon
Afgin - Blue Sparkle
Afgin - Cleopatra
Afgin - Communicate
Afgin - Cosmic Meditate
Afgin - Dimensional
Afgin - Do You Remember
Afgin - Dreams In Motion
Afgin - Eastern
Afgin - Emotions
Afgin - Eternal
Afgin - From the Heart (Tribute to Wonderboy)
Afgin - From the heart
Afgin - Goa Ahead
Afgin - Heaven's tears
Afgin - Holopoint
Afgin - Journey Through Acid
Afgin - Keep Moving Forward (Tribute To Rocky)
Afgin - Light up the darkness
Afgin - Lonely Hearts
Afgin - Northern Exposure
Afgin - Old Is Gold - Part 2
Afgin - Old is Gold
Afgin - Old is gold (part 2)
Afgin - Ray of Light
Afgin - Return To The Source
Afgin - Salton
Afgin - Shine on
Afgin - Shiva
Afgin - Soul Uplifter
Afgin - T.R.A.N.C.E.
Afgin - The Dream Master
Afgin - The Sound Of Goodbye
Afgin - Touching Paradise
Afgin - Travelling
Afgin - Tribal Rythem
Afgin - Tribute To The Sun
Afgin - Venus
Afgin - Warm Breeze
Afgin - Waves of Love
Afgin - We Are Spiriutals
Afgin - Without You
Afgin - feels like in heaven
Afgin - when you're gone

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