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www.facebook.com/AylaMusic / www.tandu.de Short: German Electronic & Progressive Trance Producer and Dj, by the name of Ingo Kunzi (born on November 7, 1969) Ingo Kunzi is probably best known for his work under his Ayla alias, but also has popular releases under his other main alias - Tandu The alias name - Ayla (Turkish girl name) - was inspired by the name of a girl, who was in the studio during his first recording.
The first track Ayla, which is his best known track, was remixed by other popular Djs, such as, DJTaucher and Tiesto.
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Style: Trance, Electronic, Dance, Techno, Electronica

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Ayla discographie

Ayla - Angelfalls
Ayla - Ayla
Ayla - Ayla (DJ Taucher Mix)
Ayla - Ayla (Original DJ Taucher Mix)
Ayla - Ayla (Part II)
Ayla - Ayla (Single Mix)
Ayla - Ayla (Tandu remix)
Ayla - Ayla (Taucher remix)
Ayla - Ayla (Veracocha Remix)
Ayla - Ayla - DJ Taucher Radio Edit
Ayla - Ayla - Taucher Remix
Ayla - Ayla Part 2
Ayla - Ayla Pt. 2
Ayla - Ayla part II
Ayla - Brainchild
Ayla - Dreamland
Ayla - Into the Light
Ayla - Karawane
Ayla - Liebe
Ayla - Liebe (ATB remix)
Ayla - Liebe (Trance mix)
Ayla - Liebe (single cut)
Ayla - Liebe.03 ( Mix)
Ayla - Like the Other Kids
Ayla - Out of the Light
Ayla - Sun Is Coming Out
Ayla - Sunday
Ayla - Vegas
Ayla - Waiting
Ayla - When the World Ends
Ayla - Wish I Was

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