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Based in Dublin city, Ireland, Decal has been making electronic music since 1993.
Originally a duo, Decal released their debut album 'Ultramack 004' on their own Ultramack label in 1994. Since their debut Decal have released an impressive catalogue of music on a whole host of labels including Rotters Golf Club, Planet Mu, Invisible Agent Records, Satamile, Ultramack, Trama Industries, Leaf, Law & Auder, Lo Recordings, D1 Recordings and many others.

Style: Electro, Idm, Electronic, Nu electro, Ambient

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Decal discographie

Decal - 4m
Decal - 64 Guns
Decal - A Happy Home
Decal - A Little Too Happy
Decal - Age Of Back Biting
Decal - Brightest Star
Decal - Burn From The Inside
Decal - Carpenter
Decal - Crlf
Decal - Decal - Bad Bones
Decal - Digital Bitch
Decal - Electric City
Decal - Final Statement
Decal - Freakin Empires
Decal - Free The Flange
Decal - Freekin' Empires
Decal - From The Inside
Decal - Funkstop
Decal - Fuzzy
Decal - Gadgets
Decal - Giver
Decal - Growler
Decal - Horrorable
Decal - In Defense of Loyalty
Decal - Iron Fist (Two Lone Swordsmen
Decal - Juggernaut
Decal - Live All You Can
Decal - Machine Gun
Decal - Moylough
Decal - Of the Present
Decal - Plan A
Decal - Reaper
Decal - Recall Edit
Decal - Riptide
Decal - Roadkill
Decal - Seeker
Decal - Slowly
Decal - Some Kind of Random
Decal - Somewhere Worth Living
Decal - Star of the Sea
Decal - Stay Dazed
Decal - Still in Denial
Decal - Sunburn
Decal - Superscum
Decal - Surge
Decal - T-Shock
Decal - Take It Over
Decal - The Tide Will Turn
Decal - Waiting (All Along)
Decal - b 4m 45

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