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Entheogenic is a musical project that crosses musical style boundaries.
It mixes coloristic electrophonics with impressionistic orchestral sound. The use of both eastern and western vocals, tribal sounding instruments, as well as an array of synthesizers built the foundation of the Entheogenic sound.
Their epic soundscapes manipulated through sound effects and catalystic sonic experimentations have a semi-classical feel to them.
Entheogenic also records and uses a large amount of "natural samples" - water, human voices, animals, etc.
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Style: Ambient, Psychill, Psychedelic, Chillout, Electronic

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Entheogenic discographie

Entheogenic - Absolute Love
Entheogenic - Absphinx
Entheogenic - Aranyanyara
Entheogenic - Araras
Entheogenic - Astral Cave
Entheogenic - Beyond Zero
Entheogenic - Earth Song
Entheogenic - Entheogen Spice
Entheogenic - Fellowship
Entheogenic - Golden Cap
Entheogenic - Ground Luminosity
Entheogenic - Habitual Overtones
Entheogenic - Invisible Landscapes
Entheogenic - Itaipava
Entheogenic - Ju
Entheogenic - Kashmir Day Trip
Entheogenic - Level One
Entheogenic - Light Ocean Blue
Entheogenic - Liquid Universe
Entheogenic - Love Letters To The Soul
Entheogenic - Microcondian
Entheogenic - Midnight Eyes
Entheogenic - Mindless
Entheogenic - Pagan Dream Machine
Entheogenic - Rio Barra
Entheogenic - Secret Tongues
Entheogenic - Sideways
Entheogenic - Skullcap
Entheogenic - Spaced
Entheogenic - Spaced (Shulman remix)
Entheogenic - The Solution Machine
Entheogenic - Timeless E.S.P.
Entheogenic - Trara
Entheogenic - Twilight Eyes
Entheogenic - Urubus
Entheogenic - Vervain
Entheogenic - Walk on Air
Entheogenic - We are one
Entheogenic - Without Thought
Entheogenic - Yage
Entheogenic - Zero Plus

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