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The name "Eskimo" can refer to a : 1 - (UK) psy-trance producer, 2 - (US) horrorlounge band, 3 - (Russian) alternative band, 4 - (Brazilian) rock band 5 - (Estonian) instrumental hip-hop artist, 6 - experimental coldwave / post-punk band from the 80-s. 7 - (Latvian) indie rock / electronic band UK Eskimo: Eskimo aka Junya is one of the new generation of trance producers.
He released his debut artist album "Can You Pick Me Up" aged 17.
Including his DJ Sets as DJ Junya, he has been playing worldwide since he was 13.

Style: Psytrance, Psychedelic trance, Psychedelic, Goa, Electronic

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Eskimo discographie

Eskimo - 5 & 1/2 Stars
Eskimo - Are You Serious (Remix)
Eskimo - Balloonatic
Eskimo - Can You Pick Me Up?
Eskimo - Crank It Down
Eskimo - Dirty Trancing
Eskimo - Does This Look Infected To You?
Eskimo - Electric Scream
Eskimo - Escape The U.K.
Eskimo - Every Single Sound
Eskimo - Get Yourself High
Eskimo - Gms-Kimo
Eskimo - Hello Moto
Eskimo - Is Electro
Eskimo - Israely Beautiful
Eskimo - Lazy Beam
Eskimo - Let It All Out
Eskimo - My Blue Goa
Eskimo - My Kind Of Music
Eskimo - My Rave
Eskimo - Open Your Eyes Up
Eskimo - Party Pooper
Eskimo - Popcorn
Eskimo - Radio Sucks
Eskimo - ReCycled
Eskimo - Ready To Rock
Eskimo - Scrambling Signals
Eskimo - Sex-A-Holica
Eskimo - Show Me The Money
Eskimo - Skazi - Fire On Ice (Eskimo Remix)
Eskimo - Spotted Dots
Eskimo - Stay Where You Are!
Eskimo - Survive Your Dreams
Eskimo - Take a Look Out There
Eskimo - The Popcorn
Eskimo - The Scorpion
Eskimo - Time Becomes a Loop
Eskimo - Time to get serious
Eskimo - Tiny Little Things
Eskimo - Traveling
Eskimo - Trills and Thrills
Eskimo - Wake Walking Dream
Eskimo - Welcome to the Arcade
Eskimo - carni-valium
Eskimo - oliptus
Eskimo - Африка.spb
Eskimo - Тишина
Eskimo - бурная река

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