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There are (at least) five artists with the name Freefall: 1.
Alan Bremner & Anthony Pappa, the 2 producers behind the Progressive Trance smash "Skydive".
A British Melodic Rock/Aor band.
They released the album "Rebel Hard" in 1996.They later changed their name and formed the band "Kick" (simular style). 3.
A Swedish Prog Rock/Melodic (Hard) Rock band from the1990's. 4.
A band formed and led by Kaiser Kuo (郭怡广), a member of Chinese rock bands "春秋乐队" and “唐朝乐队” Read more on

Style: Trance, Dance, Progressive trance, Electronic, Vocal trance

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Freefall discographie

FreeFall - Each Other
FreeFall - Into The Dark
FreeFall - Last Chance
FreeFall - Leave It All Behind
FreeFall - Love in Idleness
FreeFall - Mirror
FreeFall - Once Upon A Time
FreeFall - One More Time
FreeFall - Other Day
FreeFall - Our Eyes
FreeFall - Psychosis (Undiluted Remix)
FreeFall - Skydive
FreeFall - Skydive (2003 Remix)
FreeFall - Skydive (Accapella)
FreeFall - Skydive (Elucidate 2008 Remix)
FreeFall - Skydive (Feat. Jan Johnston) (I Feel Wonderful)
FreeFall - Skydive (I Feel Wonderful)
FreeFall - Skydive (Joint Operations centre remix)
FreeFall - Skydive (Mara Mix)
FreeFall - Skydive (Oliver Moldan remix)
FreeFall - Skydive (Radio Edit)
FreeFall - Skydive (Warrior Remix)
FreeFall - Skydive (X-Static Opera mix)
FreeFall - Skydive (feat. Jan Johnston)
FreeFall - Skydive (original mix) (feat. Jan Johnston)
FreeFall - Skydive (warrior mix)
FreeFall - Skydive I Feel Wonderful (Orig
FreeFall - Skydive [ASOT Radio Classic]
FreeFall - South
FreeFall - Sweet Lorraine
FreeFall - Tears (Inferno mix)
FreeFall - That's A-Plenty
FreeFall - Touched (orig)
FreeFall - Wish

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