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Haywyre biographie

Haywyre consists of Martin Vogt, who has been studying piano since the age of six.
His interest in the production of hip-hop, dubstep and electronica began growing when he lived in Austria.
Shortly after moving back to the United States, in 2008, Haywyre was created.
He is studying Music Business and has gotten a reasonable amount of attention for combining synthetic and organic elements in his compositions as well as providing a wide variety of music including glitch-hop, jazz, dubstep and more.
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Style: Dubstep, Glitch, Electronic, Ambient, Glitch hop

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Haywyre discographie

Haywyre - A New Era
Haywyre - Aquatic Stimulation
Haywyre - Atmospheric Evolution
Haywyre - Back and Forth
Haywyre - Breathe
Haywyre - Crimson
Haywyre - Dichotomy (Soft Mix)
Haywyre - Do You Don't You
Haywyre - Doppelgänger
Haywyre - Double Edged
Haywyre - Duality
Haywyre - Endlessly
Haywyre - Everchanging
Haywyre - Gravity
Haywyre - Grey
Haywyre - Gridlock
Haywyre - I Am Me
Haywyre - I Am You
Haywyre - Impulse
Haywyre - Insight
Haywyre - Interlude
Haywyre - Intermission
Haywyre - LD004
Haywyre - LD004 - Original Mix
Haywyre - Memory
Haywyre - Mindchamber
Haywyre - Mokalite
Haywyre - Moment
Haywyre - Motionless
Haywyre - Parting Ways
Haywyre - Pendulum
Haywyre - Prelude to the Voyage
Haywyre - Progressive Introversion
Haywyre - Prologue (Part One)
Haywyre - Quantum Cruise
Haywyre - Restraint
Haywyre - Sculpted
Haywyre - Sedative Shapes
Haywyre - Sigma
Haywyre - Synergy
Haywyre - Textures
Haywyre - The Schism
Haywyre - The Spectrum
Haywyre - The Voyage
Haywyre - There's A Time For Everything
Haywyre - Think It Through
Haywyre - Time (feat. CoMa)
Haywyre - Transient
Haywyre - Trigger

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