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(2001 – 2011) iiO (sometimes written as IIO, pronounced "eye-oh") was a New York City based house music act consisting of producer/songwriter Markus Moser and singer/songwriter Nadia Ali.
iiO are best known for their 2001 hit "Rapture".
The name iiO was derived from the Sony PC laptop model VAIO, on which the duo was creating much of their early work, and the duo was in fact first known as Vaiio. After "Rapture" was released, the duo followed suit with "At The End" in 2002, "Smooth" in 2003, and "Runaway" in 2004.
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Style: Dance, Trance, Electronic, House, Vocal trance

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Iio discographie

iio - At The End (Sat & Lee Howler Remix)
iio - At the End
iio - At the end (sat and lee howler reprise)
iio - Be It
iio - Chastity
iio - Give It Up
iio - Hangin On
iio - Is It Love
iio - Is it Love (Extended Club Mix)
iio - Is it love (Chris Ortega Remix)
iio - Kiss You
iio - Kiss You (ambient remix)
iio - Poetica
iio - Poeticia
iio - Rapture
iio - Rapture (Armin Van Burren Remix Remastered - Made Radio Edit) [feat. Nadia Ali]
iio - Rapture (John Creamer & Stephane K remix)
iio - Rapture (Radio Edit)
iio - Rapture (Soulside Mix)
iio - Rapture (feat.Nadia Ali)
iio - Rebel
iio - Runaway
iio - Runaway (Ford remix radio edit)
iio - Runaway [Original Serenity Mix]
iio - Smooth
iio - Smooth (Airbase radio)
iio - Smooth (Ambient remix)
iio - Tantric
iio - The One
iio - What a Way

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