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MFG are Aharon Segal (born 1970) and Guy Zukrel (born 1970), both from Israel.
Aharon learned to play the organ when he was a kid and was playing keyboards ever since.
He also wrote for other instruments as well, though he didn't play them.
Guy has a similar background, he took organ lessons when he was 6 years old for 2 years, until he discovered the world of synth & midi.
He got his first synth- Yamaha CS01- for his Bar-Mitzva and has been a 'midiman' since.

Style: Goa, Psytrance, Goa Trance, Psychedelic trance, Psychedelic

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Mfg discographie

MFG - Alien's Land
MFG - Alternate Dimension
MFG - Born Into a New Life
MFG - Brainwaves
MFG - Electric Bubbles
MFG - Enlightment
MFG - Experience
MFG - Feel Like God (New Version)
MFG - For The Future Of Mankind
MFG - Have a Nice Day
MFG - Hypnotized
MFG - Illumination
MFG - In Search Of The Truth
MFG - Inspiration
MFG - Intelligent Machine
MFG - Intro
MFG - Journey Beyond the Planet
MFG - Life Is A Strange Journey
MFG - Magnetic Activity
MFG - Maya Moon
MFG - Metamorphosis
MFG - Mystic Dawn
MFG - New Horizon
MFG - New Kind Of World
MFG - On Mars
MFG - Open Mind
MFG - Overload
MFG - Peaceful Relaxation
MFG - Positive Energy
MFG - Project Genesis
MFG - Rise & Fall
MFG - Save Yourselves
MFG - Shape the Future
MFG - Shining Faces
MFG - Shma Israel
MFG - Sunshine
MFG - The Creation
MFG - The Message
MFG - The Prophecy
MFG - The Waking Mind
MFG - The World Is A Narrow Bridge
MFG - To Eternity
MFG - Voices
MFG - Walking on Ice
MFG - We Are the Machines
MFG - Welcome to the Edge
MFG - When We Dream
MFG - Why?
MFG - Wonderland

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