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Movetron was founded in 1994 by Finnish producers Timo Löyvä and Jukka Tanttari and the female singer Päivi Lepistö.
They made a controversial decision to write their songs in Finnish which naturally prevented them from succeeding abroad, but at the same time made them very big in their home country Finland.
Their second and third albums sold over 50.000 copies.
In 1998 they decided to take a break since their chart success had decreased considerably.

Style: Finnish, Eurodance, Dance, Pop, 90s

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Movetron discographie

Movetron - 3. aste
Movetron - 4-Rivinen
Movetron - 7. aalto
Movetron - Alla Koivupuun
Movetron - Cupido
Movetron - Ding Dong
Movetron - Eden
Movetron - Ei kenenkään maa
Movetron - Elä nyt
Movetron - Flavio
Movetron - Flavio (Original Mix)
Movetron - Heart N' Soul
Movetron - Intro
Movetron - Kierreportaat
Movetron - Kylmä cappuccino
Movetron - Lokakuu-marraskuu
Movetron - Lähden
Movetron - Missä sä oot?
Movetron - Mitä mielessä liikkuu
Movetron - Mombasa
Movetron - Never Say Never
Movetron - Nousin Kyytiin
Movetron - Nyt on jatkot
Movetron - Otanko askeleen
Movetron - Prinssi
Movetron - Päiväkirja
Movetron - Rakkauden tähti
Movetron - Rakkaus nukkuu
Movetron - Ristinolla
Movetron - Romeo & Julia
Movetron - Romeo Ja Julia (Original Mix)
Movetron - Romeo ja Julia
Movetron - SOS
Movetron - Santa Maria
Movetron - Soittorasia
Movetron - Stay
Movetron - Tellusnainen
Movetron - Valkoinen valhe (Sink Mix)
Movetron - Vanha suola
Movetron - Voikukkaseppele
Movetron - Voodoo Man
Movetron - VoodooMan (Radio Edit)

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