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(1) Naomi is a German electronic duo.
So far, they have released four albums, Everyone Loves You and Pappelallee, Aquarium and The big Shapes. (2) Naomi is a singer who has released electronic music in The Netherlands, being produced by a Dutch duo, consisting of D.
van de Plas and R.
The biggest club hit by Naomi is without a doubt State of Mind (3) Naomi is a progressive/alternative rock band from Montreal, Canada.
Their debut record Shelters and Lullabies was self-released in late 2006.

Style: Downtempo, Chillout, Electronic, Lounge, Trip-hop

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Naomi discographie

Naomi - All I Need
Naomi - Another Bite Of The Apple
Naomi - Anybody Here
Naomi - Astonsilicon
Naomi - Butter Worker
Naomi - Come On Over
Naomi - Crazy By Now
Naomi - Curious
Naomi - Don't Leave (Too Soon)
Naomi - Dragon Tree
Naomi - Everyone Loves You When You're Down
Naomi - Fade Out
Naomi - Falling
Naomi - For Us
Naomi - Forgive Me Jah
Naomi - Fuck It
Naomi - Girlfriend
Naomi - Go
Naomi - Gone
Naomi - Goodbye God Bless You
Naomi - Happy Family
Naomi - Heavy Little Lights
Naomi - How Do?
Naomi - How Many Loves
Naomi - Inside The Mirror
Naomi - King Kong Is Not Dead
Naomi - Needle On The Record
Naomi - New Time
Naomi - October
Naomi - Only Forward
Naomi - Option
Naomi - Paravent
Naomi - Perfect Day In Hell
Naomi - Personal Big Bang
Naomi - Rainfall
Naomi - Relax She Said
Naomi - Road To Salvation
Naomi - Seriwomo
Naomi - Shine
Naomi - Sigh At The Sky
Naomi - Sleep
Naomi - Syndicate
Naomi - The Book
Naomi - The Great Event
Naomi - Three Stars No Match
Naomi - Trust
Naomi - We Are So Beautiful
Naomi - White
Naomi - Zero Zero One

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