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Nu Nrg

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Nu Nrg biographie

Nu NRG are two Italian producers, Andrea Ribeca and Giuseppe Ottaviani.
Making trance music, they were discovered by Paul van Dyk in 2001.
Their first album "Freefall" was released on 12 July 2004.
Nu NRG is mostly known for their music, but they have also performed as DJ's in the past.
Currently, Nu NRG have stopped as a duo, but Giuseppe Ottaviani continues to produce trance music.
Some of Nu NRG's most popular tracks include 'Dreamland' and 'Free Fall'.

Style: Trance, Progressive trance, Electronic, Uplifting trance, Hard Trance

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Nu Nrg discographie

Nu Nrg - Aloa P
Nu Nrg - Astralis
Nu Nrg - Bonsai
Nu Nrg - Butterfly
Nu Nrg - Butterfly (Giuseppe Ottaviani 2010 Remix)
Nu Nrg - Casino
Nu Nrg - Casino (Brisky Remix)
Nu Nrg - Casino (Original Mix)
Nu Nrg - Casino (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
Nu Nrg - Connective
Nu Nrg - D-31
Nu Nrg - Dreamland
Nu Nrg - Dreamland (Chris Metcalfe Bootleg)
Nu Nrg - Eclisse
Nu Nrg - Eclisse (album version)
Nu Nrg - Energizer (StrumpaN RMX 320kbps)
Nu Nrg - Free Fall
Nu Nrg - Free Fall [ASOT Radio Classic]
Nu Nrg - Freefall [ASOT 687] - Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland Remix
Nu Nrg - Intro
Nu Nrg - Kosmosy
Nu Nrg - Kosmosy (Octagen Remix)
Nu Nrg - Last Experience
Nu Nrg - Last experience (Digital nature remix)
Nu Nrg - Le Mirage
Nu Nrg - Live at Orgasmatron [9.07.2002]
Nu Nrg - Most Wanted
Nu Nrg - Natural Think
Nu Nrg - Opportunity
Nu Nrg - Supersonik Way
Nu Nrg - The Mind
Nu Nrg - The Shadow
Nu Nrg - Tommoter
Nu Nrg - Universe
Nu Nrg - Visual Sonar

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