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A fixture on the UK jungle scene since the early nineties, Photek a.k.a.
Rupert Parkes is best known for his role in developing the "intelligent" drum & bass genre.
Over the course of his career as Photek, Parkes has developed a sound that is simultaneously individual, innovative and accessible, earning him much respect and popularity amongst critics and music fans alike.
The strength of the sound finds foundation in Photek's incredibly detailed drum programming Read more on

Style: Drum and bass, Electronic, Jungle, Drum n Bass, Dnb

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Photek discographie

Photek - 101
Photek - 124
Photek - Aleph 1
Photek - Aura
Photek - Avalanche
Photek - Aviator
Photek - Axiom
Photek - Azymuth
Photek - Can't Come Down
Photek - Consciousness
Photek - End of Line (Remixed by Photek)
Photek - Glamourama
Photek - Halogen
Photek - Hybrid
Photek - Industry Of Noise
Photek - Infinity
Photek - Into the 90's
Photek - Junk
Photek - KJZ
Photek - Knitevision
Photek - Levitation
Photek - Lost Blue Heaven
Photek - Mine To Give
Photek - Minotaur
Photek - Modus Operandi
Photek - No Agenda
Photek - Pyramid
Photek - Ren 2
Photek - Resolution (Photek Remix)
Photek - Rings Around Saturn
Photek - Santiago
Photek - Shape Charge
Photek - Signals
Photek - Sleepwalking
Photek - Slowburn
Photek - Smoke Rings
Photek - Solaris
Photek - Terminus
Photek - The Fifth Column
Photek - The Hidden Camera
Photek - The Lightening (Digital Remix)
Photek - The Seven Samurai
Photek - The Water Margin
Photek - Trans 7
Photek - UFO
Photek - UFO (J Majik Remix)
Photek - Under The Palms
Photek - deadly technology

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