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Rustie, born Russell Whyte in Glasgow, Scotland, is an electronic musician signed to Warp Records.
He has also released recordings on Stuff Records, Hyperdub, Wireblock and various other labels.
He released the EP Bad Science on Wireblock Records.

Style: Dubstep, Electronic, Wonky, Grime, Aquacrunk

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Rustie discographie

Rustie - A Glimpse
Rustie - After Light
Rustie - All Nite
Rustie - Atlantean Airship
Rustie - Attak (feat. Danny Brown)
Rustie - Beast Nite
Rustie - Big Catzz
Rustie - Chew
Rustie - City Star
Rustie - Clipper
Rustie - Coral Elixrr
Rustie - Crooked
Rustie - Cry Flames
Rustie - Crystal Echo
Rustie - Death Mountain
Rustie - Dog Mask
Rustie - Dragonfly
Rustie - Dream On
Rustie - Dreamzz
Rustie - First Mythz
Rustie - Flash Back
Rustie - Glass Swords
Rustie - Globes
Rustie - Green Language
Rustie - He Hate Me (feat. Gorgeous Children)
Rustie - Hover Traps
Rustie - Hyperthrust
Rustie - Ice Tunnels
Rustie - Inside Pikachu's Cunt
Rustie - Jagz the Smack
Rustie - Lets Spiral
Rustie - Lost (feat. Redinho)
Rustie - Neko
Rustie - Paradise Stone
Rustie - Peace Upzzz
Rustie - Pendulum
Rustie - Raptor
Rustie - Response
Rustie - Slasherr
Rustie - Soapy Tits
Rustie - Starwolf
Rustie - Surph
Rustie - Tempest
Rustie - Triadzz
Rustie - Ultra Thizz
Rustie - Up Down (feat. D Double E)
Rustie - Velcro
Rustie - Workship
Rustie - Zig-Zag

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