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Born in 1981, Jonas Thor Gudmundsson, better known as Ruxpin first started producing music at the age of 14.
His first release Mission EP was released on Uni:Form Recordings 1999 and the same year his first LP entitled Radio was released on the same label.
Through his debut album, he got in touch with the highly acclaimed label Elektrolux where he released his next two LPs (Midnight Drive & Avalon) and also one LP (Magrathea) on their sublabel Mikrolux.

Style: Idm, Ambient, Electronic, Downtempo, Icelandic

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Ruxpin discographie

Ruxpin - 9Mars
Ruxpin - A Start From The End
Ruxpin - A Sunrise (and They Turned into Stones)
Ruxpin - Above Sea Level
Ruxpin - Art of Love
Ruxpin - Artificial Love
Ruxpin - As We Exhale We Enter
Ruxpin - Chasing Dandelions
Ruxpin - Creating Artificial Machine Love
Ruxpin - Do You Feel the Same Way
Ruxpin - Eitt Sinn Hafdi Eg Hjarta
Ruxpin - First Contact
Ruxpin - Flying
Ruxpin - Formations
Ruxpin - Headphones
Ruxpin - Her Body Smells of Cinnamon
Ruxpin - I Miss You
Ruxpin - I Noticed You Hovering Above Me
Ruxpin - I Saw Her Standing There
Ruxpin - In Form of a Bird I Meet My Creator
Ruxpin - Lullaby
Ruxpin - Makaneon
Ruxpin - Midnight Drive
Ruxpin - Moment With You
Ruxpin - My Tricycle Can Float from Planet to Planet
Ruxpin - Once More
Ruxpin - Palace Midas
Ruxpin - Please Stay
Ruxpin - Requiem
Ruxpin - She Danced the Waltz
Ruxpin - She Played This Song for Me When I Was Five
Ruxpin - Such a Distance To Fall
Ruxpin - Svefnengill
Ruxpin - The Boy Who Gazed at the Eclipse
Ruxpin - The View Looks Good From Up Here
Ruxpin - This Time We Go Together
Ruxpin - Those Angel Wings Look Comfortable
Ruxpin - Together
Ruxpin - Too Much
Ruxpin - Underwater Playground (Starfishes are invited)
Ruxpin - Viewpoints
Ruxpin - Watch the Packard
Ruxpin - We All Carry Our Ghost
Ruxpin - Where the Wild Things Are
Ruxpin - Who Did You See in the Mist?
Ruxpin - Will We Reach There In Time?
Ruxpin - Without You
Ruxpin - You Look Lovely in This Spacesuit
Ruxpin - Your Body Smells of Cinnamon
Ruxpin - now i turn to you

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