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Ten years ago in 1998 on a trance scene in the capital of Ukraine (Kiev) started brightly to shine a star – it was the project SynSUN.
The multi-talented duo Andrey Vakhnenko (04/07/1979) & Evgeniy Ryabinin (01/01/1986).
sharpened their own sound and it has poured out in creating three must-have classic albums: - "Symphonic Adventures" (Kagdilia records, USA, 2004) - "Phoenix"(Starsound records, Greece, 2006) - "Unstoppable" (Spliff Music, Israel, 2007) Read more on

Style: Psytrance, Goa, Psychedelic, Psychedelic trance, Trance

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Synsun discographie

SynSUN - After The End
SynSUN - Asian Dub
SynSUN - Ave Samael
SynSUN - Ceremony
SynSUN - Classical
SynSUN - Clinical Experiment
SynSUN - Dancing Machines
SynSUN - Eldar
SynSUN - Embryo
SynSUN - Enter Sandman
SynSUN - Forward Stream
SynSUN - Future People
SynSUN - Gagarinz Trip
SynSUN - Guitar Particle Illusions
SynSUN - Infected
SynSUN - Inside The Box
SynSUN - Into The World
SynSUN - Laser Show
SynSUN - Logic Mami
SynSUN - Mami
SynSUN - Mdk
SynSUN - Meta Dream
SynSUN - Neo
SynSUN - On the Tron
SynSUN - Paranoid
SynSUN - Phoenix
SynSUN - Prelude
SynSUN - Psy Hit
SynSUN - Quazar
SynSUN - Ragga Fagga
SynSUN - Reason to Live
SynSUN - Reborn
SynSUN - Ride the Lightning
SynSUN - Ride the Sky
SynSUN - Science Fiction
SynSUN - Sigumo Killer
SynSUN - Sleep Now
SynSUN - Slow Down
SynSUN - Space Sirens
SynSUN - Storm
SynSUN - Tataria
SynSUN - The End Of The Universe
SynSUN - Tron
SynSUN - Unstoppable (Album Version)
SynSUN - Vampiria
SynSUN - Vampiria Night
SynSUN - We Are The World
SynSUN - Zak
SynSUN - Zygote

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