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Talamasca (Cedric Dassulle, also known as DJ Lestat) is a psychedelic trance project based in Paris, France.
Dassulle played piano for over 13 years before starting his career as DJ in 1992. Talamasca in Latin means "animal mask".
Dassulle got the name from the secret society of psychic detectives in author Anne Rice's famous Vampire Chronicles.
The same goes for his DJ moniker, Lestat, which was the name of the main character in the series.
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Style: Psytrance, Goa, Psychedelic, Psychedelic trance, Trance

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Talamasca discographie

Talamasca - A Frenchman In Cape Town
Talamasca - Action Feat Schyzotrop
Talamasca - Aquarius
Talamasca - Aries
Talamasca - Back to Bach
Talamasca - Beyond the Mask
Talamasca - Brain Activity
Talamasca - Cancer
Talamasca - Capricorn
Talamasca - Epic Transition
Talamasca - Feelings
Talamasca - Flashback
Talamasca - Gemini
Talamasca - Get It All
Talamasca - Ghost in Goa
Talamasca - Halloween
Talamasca - High Vibe (Live Version)
Talamasca - Hypnotic Control
Talamasca - Insanity
Talamasca - Joint O Clock
Talamasca - Kung Fu Lesson Feat DJ Ananda
Talamasca - Leo
Talamasca - Lestat Sound Development
Talamasca - Libra
Talamasca - Magnetic Fields
Talamasca - Musica Divinorum
Talamasca - My Destiny
Talamasca - Obsessive Dream
Talamasca - Overload
Talamasca - Party Generation
Talamasca - Pisces
Talamasca - Psychedelic Knights
Talamasca - Psychodelic
Talamasca - Sagittarius
Talamasca - Scorpio
Talamasca - Spiritual Renewal
Talamasca - Supernatural
Talamasca - Taurus
Talamasca - Telepathic Atmospheres
Talamasca - The Fifth Revelation
Talamasca - The Hunted Becomes the Hunter
Talamasca - The Messenger Feat DJ Neshama
Talamasca - The Old School
Talamasca - The Racer
Talamasca - Time Hunter
Talamasca - Time Simulation
Talamasca - Virgo
Talamasca - Wake Up!
Talamasca - Why Not

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