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Heartsrevolution biography

HEARTSREVOLUTION is an American electronic act formed in Los Angeles in 2005.
The original lineup consisted of "Ben & Lo" (Ben Pollock and Leyla Safai), but they have since recruited "Prince Terrence" (Terrence Campbell) to provide drums during live performances.
The band relocated to New York City in 2007 and has released a series of limited edition records, singles and EPs through various labels including Kitsuné, Iheartcomix and Isomorph Records.
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Style: Electronic, Experimental, Electro, Glitch, Female vocalists

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Heartsrevolution discography

Title TrackRank
Heartsrevolution - Battleships
Heartsrevolution - Brillianteen
Heartsrevolution - C.Y.O.A (Flosstradamus)
Heartsrevolution - C.Y.O.A!
Heartsrevolution - C.Y.O.A.
Heartsrevolution - C.Y.O.A. (Brodinski Remix)
Heartsrevolution - CYOA
Heartsrevolution - Choose Your Own Adventure (C.Y.O.A)!
Heartsrevolution - Dance Till Dawn
Heartsrevolution - Digital Suicide
Heartsrevolution - Heart vs the Machine
Heartsrevolution - Heaven's Gate
Heartsrevolution - Iscream Bombs
Heartsrevolution - KISS
Heartsrevolution - Kill Your Radio
Heartsrevolution - Kishi Kaisei
Heartsrevolution - Pop Heart (Grand Atrium remix)
Heartsrevolution - Prism Effect
Heartsrevolution - Retrograde
Heartsrevolution - Ride or Die
Heartsrevolution - Switchblade
Heartsrevolution - Teenage Teardrops (Pyramid reMix)
Heartsrevolution - Ultraviolence
Heartsrevolution - Vertigo
Heartsrevolution - Wolves + Libertines
Heartsrevolution - Wolves and Libertines
Heartsrevolution - take it or leave it
Heartsrevolution - 薔薇と彼女の王子

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