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Jaytech biography

In a world awash with carbon copy producers, 24-year-old James Cayzer aka Jaytech is a bright exception.
Classically trained as a pianist and a perfectionist when it comes to programming, his unique blends of deep melodies and sunny electronic grooves are equally at home in the DJ sets of Sasha or Desyn Masiello as they are in the stadium headlining appearances of Above & Beyond. 
Despite his relative youth, Jaytech’s prodigious creativity and Read more on Last.fm

Style: Progressive House, Trance, Progressive trance, House, Progressive

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Jaytech discography

Title TrackRank
Jaytech - Atlantic
Jaytech - Blue Fire
Jaytech - Coda
Jaytech - Deadlock
Jaytech - Delta
Jaytech - Diode
Jaytech - Djembe - Original Mix
Jaytech - Dr Device
Jaytech - Epsilon
Jaytech - Essence
Jaytech - Expedition
Jaytech - Future Story - Notaker Remix
Jaytech - Genesis (Jimbo's Afterburner Mix)
Jaytech - Genesis [Jimbo's Afterburner Mix]
Jaytech - Gray Horizon (feat. Melody Gough)
Jaytech - Great Divide
Jaytech - Groove Nova
Jaytech - Highway Rockers
Jaytech - In The Jungle
Jaytech - Inception
Jaytech - Metro
Jaytech - Multiverse
Jaytech - Natsukashi
Jaytech - New Vibe
Jaytech - New Vibe (Album Version)
Jaytech - Nighthawk
Jaytech - Overdrive
Jaytech - Overdrive (PROFF Remix)
Jaytech - Ozone
Jaytech - Pepe's Garden
Jaytech - Pyramid
Jaytech - Pyramid (Dinka Mix)
Jaytech - Pyramid (Original Mix)
Jaytech - Rabbit Raiders
Jaytech - Solero
Jaytech - Spacelift
Jaytech - Special X
Jaytech - Starbright (Jaytech's Touch Your DJ Mix)
Jaytech - Stranger - Kyau & Albert Remix
Jaytech - Stranger [Mix Cut] - Kyau & Albert Remix
Jaytech - Sundance
Jaytech - Synergy
Jaytech - Vela
Jaytech - Vela (Electrobios & Interplay Mix)
Jaytech - genesis (jimbos afterburner mix)

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