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Kohann biography

Kohann is a Breton (French) trip-hop trio, their name means "tawny owl" in Breton.
The founding members are Michèle Gaurin (vocals), Sylvère Morisson (keyboard) and David Bellec (guitar).
One thing that makes the group stand out is the use of the Breton language (specifically the Gwenedeg dialect) in their music.
The group formed in 1997 in Lorient, Brittany, France, and after two albums (Mil Bed ,Don) and multiple tours the group broke up.
In 2007 Kohann came back as a solo effort by singer Michèle Gaurin and released its third album Read more on Last.fm

Style: Trip-hop, Electronic, France, Breton, Female vocalists

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Kohann discography

Title TrackRank
Kohann - Awenn
Kohann - Awenn (Transglobal Underground mix)
Kohann - Ba Me Beg
Kohann - Ba' Me Bég
Kohann - Bewein
Kohann - Boud Bihan
Kohann - Cocolo
Kohann - Dihun
Kohann - Diorrein
Kohann - Dis On (Dis on)
Kohann - Dis on
Kohann - Dizistruj
Kohann - Don
Kohann - Douar
Kohann - Doutañs
Kohann - Doutaсs
Kohann - En daolenn
Kohann - Foll
Kohann - Frantiz
Kohann - Friantiz
Kohann - Friantiz ( OST Последний урок)
Kohann - Hypnotic
Kohann - Kest
Kohann - Kimieh
Kohann - Krollet
Kohann - Mamm
Kohann - Mamm!
Kohann - Me Zo
Kohann - Mil Bed
Kohann - Mill Bed
Kohann - Morad Su
Kohann - Nakr
Kohann - Nakr OST Последний урок
Kohann - Nozigan On
Kohann - Oaet omp
Kohann - Oat
Kohann - On Dra Diasur
Kohann - Petré Vern
Kohann - Pingwigeh
Kohann - Pingwigêh
Kohann - Pinwigeh
Kohann - Pinwigêh
Kohann - Pinwigкh
Kohann - Prinsez
Kohann - Priñsez
Kohann - Sugar Baby
Kohann - Tam tam tam
Kohann - Trevari
Kohann - the don

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