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Kuedo biography

Kuedo is Jamie Teasdale, who since quietly disbanding the Vex'd vehicle he formerly operated with Roly Porter, has been moving towards a slower, ornately detailed sound with his Kuedo project.
But he's now re-emerged with a stripped down and luxurious variant on 'Severant', clearly referencing Chicagoan Footwork and 808-driven Coke and Road Rap, with strong traces of Vangelis-style synth opulence.
Compared with his previous records, there's a huge amount of space inside 'Severant' Read more on Last.fm

Style: Dubstep, Electronic, Wonky, Experimental, Bass

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Kuedo discography

Title TrackRank
Kuedo - Ant City
Kuedo - Approaching
Kuedo - As We Lie Promising
Kuedo - Ascension Phase
Kuedo - Bending Moon
Kuedo - Border State Collapse
Kuedo - Boundary Regulation
Kuedo - Breaking The Surface
Kuedo - Broken Fox - Black Hole
Kuedo - Case Type Classification
Kuedo - Cellular Perimeter
Kuedo - Event Tracking Across Populated Terrain
Kuedo - Eyeless Angel Intervention
Kuedo - Flight Path
Kuedo - Floating Forest
Kuedo - Glow
Kuedo - Glow (Clark remix)
Kuedo - Halogen Light
Kuedo - Hourglass
Kuedo - In Your Skin
Kuedo - In Your Sleep
Kuedo - Joy Construction
Kuedo - Lathe
Kuedo - Love Theme
Kuedo - Memory Rain
Kuedo - Mirtazapine
Kuedo - Mtzpn
Kuedo - Oh
Kuedo - Onset (Escapism)
Kuedo - RA.196 Kuedo - 2010.03.01
Kuedo - Reality Drift
Kuedo - Salt Lake Cuts
Kuedo - Scissors
Kuedo - Seeing the Edges
Kuedo - Shutter Light Girl
Kuedo - Slow Knife
Kuedo - Starfox
Kuedo - Starfox (Illum Sphere's Re-Fox)
Kuedo - Take Off (remix)
Kuedo - Truth Flood
Kuedo - Under The Surface
Kuedo - Vectoral
Kuedo - Vertical Stack
Kuedo - Visioning Shared Tomorrows
Kuedo - Warmer Light
Kuedo - Whisper Fate
Kuedo - Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space (Claude Speed 'Infinity Ultra Rework' feat. Jivraj Singh)

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