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Loscil biography

Loscil is the electronic/ambient music project of Scott Morgan, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
The name Loscil is taken from the "looping oscillator" function (loscil) in Csound.
Scott Morgan is also the drummer for the Vancouver indie band Destroyer. A self-released album titled A New Demonstration of Thermodynamic Tendencies caught the attention of experimental music label Kranky who signed Morgan on to release his first album Triple Point in 2001.
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Style: Ambient, Minimal, Electronic, Drone, Electronica

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Loscil discography

Title TrackRank
Loscil - Ahull
Loscil - Ampere
Loscil - Bellows
Loscil - Black Tusk
Loscil - Bleeding Ink
Loscil - Brittle
Loscil - Charlie
Loscil - Chinook
Loscil - Cloister
Loscil - Container Ships
Loscil - Cotom
Loscil - Coyote
Loscil - Diable Marin
Loscil - Dub For Cascadia
Loscil - Emma
Loscil - Endless Falls
Loscil - Estuarine
Loscil - Fern and Robin
Loscil - First Narrows
Loscil - Fromme
Loscil - Gymnote
Loscil - Halcyon
Loscil - Hastings Sunrise
Loscil - Holding Pattern
Loscil - Hydrogen
Loscil - In Threes
Loscil - Iona
Loscil - Khanahmoot
Loscil - Kursk
Loscil - Lake Orchard
Loscil - Le Plongeur
Loscil - Lucy Dub
Loscil - Mistral
Loscil - Modo
Loscil - Motoc
Loscil - Mute
Loscil - Nautilus
Loscil - Resurgam
Loscil - Rorschach
Loscil - Sea Island Murders
Loscil - Second Narrows
Loscil - Shallow Water Blackout
Loscil - Showers of Ink
Loscil - Sickbay
Loscil - Stave Peak
Loscil - Steam
Loscil - The Making of Grief Point
Loscil - Triton
Loscil - Union Dusk
Loscil - Zephyr

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