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Nick Muir biography

Nick Muir is an electronic music producer.
He is most well known as the duo Bedrock, which consists of himself and John Digweed.
Together they created several singles which made the UK charts including "Heaven Scent" and "Voices".
They also produced the music for Stark Raving Mad and Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
He has also done remix for labels such as Hi Life Recordings.
Muir also worked with Jon Gray as Fatliners, where they released several singles on DJ Hyper's Kilowatt Recordings and as a member of The Men They Couldn't Hang.

Style: Progressive House, Progressive breaks, House, Progressive trance, Tech house

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Nick Muir discography

Title TrackRank
Nick Muir - 100's & 1000's
Nick Muir - Ain't Nobody
Nick Muir - Ain’t Nobody
Nick Muir - Airtight
Nick Muir - Airtight (Avilo Remix)
Nick Muir - Airtight - Kassey Voorn Epic Interpretation
Nick Muir - Aquatonic - Alan Fitzpatrick Remix
Nick Muir - Burkina Faso
Nick Muir - Frankenstein
Nick Muir - Fu Man Chew
Nick Muir - G Platz (James Harcourt Remix)
Nick Muir - G Platz (Neil Quigley's Pacemaker Dub)
Nick Muir - G Platz (Original Mix)
Nick Muir - G Platz (Pig & Dan Remix)
Nick Muir - Gravitation
Nick Muir - Gridlock (Henry Saiz Remix)
Nick Muir - Hundreds And Thousands
Nick Muir - I Feel Real (Chopstick Remix)
Nick Muir - Savin' You
Nick Muir - Tangent - Original Mix
Nick Muir - Tenko (DJ Tool)
Nick Muir - Tenko (Luke Dzierzek Remix)
Nick Muir - Tenko (Milton Jackson & Sei A Remix)
Nick Muir - Tenko (Original Mix)
Nick Muir - Tenko (Steven Libby Remix)
Nick Muir - The Bridge

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