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Ratatat biography

Ratatat, from Brooklyn, New York, United States is an electronic music duo: guitarist Mike Stroud and synthesizer driver and producer Evan Mast (E*Vax). Stroud and Mast originally met as students at Skidmore College, but did not work together musically until 2001, when their project was named Cherry (later the name of the final song on their debut album).
Written and recorded in the bedroom of Mast's Crown Heights, Brooklyn apartment, the band's debut album Ratatat for XL Recordings was released in 2004.
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Style: Electronic, Instrumental, Indie, Electronica, Seen live

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Ratatat discography

Title TrackRank
Ratatat - Abrasive
Ratatat - Alps
Ratatat - Bare Feast
Ratatat - Bilar
Ratatat - Bird Priest
Ratatat - Bird-Priest
Ratatat - Black Heroes
Ratatat - Bob Gandhi
Ratatat - Breaking Away
Ratatat - Bruleé
Ratatat - Bustelo
Ratatat - Cherry
Ratatat - Cream on Chrome
Ratatat - Crips
Ratatat - Desert Eagle
Ratatat - Drugs
Ratatat - Dura
Ratatat - El Pico
Ratatat - Everest
Ratatat - Falcon Jab
Ratatat - Flynn
Ratatat - Germany to Germany
Ratatat - Gettysburg
Ratatat - Gipsy Threat
Ratatat - Grape Juice City
Ratatat - Imperials
Ratatat - Kennedy
Ratatat - Lapland
Ratatat - Lex
Ratatat - Loud Pipes
Ratatat - Mahalo
Ratatat - Mandy
Ratatat - Mi Viejo
Ratatat - Mirando
Ratatat - Montanita
Ratatat - Mumtaz Khan
Ratatat - Neckbrace
Ratatat - Nostrand
Ratatat - Party With Children
Ratatat - Seventeen Years
Ratatat - Shempi
Ratatat - Shiller
Ratatat - Spanish Armada
Ratatat - Sunblocks
Ratatat - Swisha
Ratatat - Tacobel Canon
Ratatat - Tropicana
Ratatat - We Can't Be Stopped
Ratatat - We Can’t Be Stopped
Ratatat - Wildcat

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