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Sash! biography

Sash! is a German DJ / producer team, fronted by Sascha Lappessen (born on 10 June 1970, in Nettetal, Germany), who works in the studio with Ralf Kappmeier and Thomas "Alisson" L├╝dke.
Sash! caused an unexpected stir in the music world when they became one of only a handful of dance acts that managed to sell millions of albums and singles thus becoming a huge commercial success at the end of the 1990's.
All of the first 5 singles all reached the UK Top 3: Encore Une Fois reached Number 2 in March 1997 Read more on

Style: Dance, Trance, Electronic, Eurodance, Techno

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Sash! discography

Title TrackRank
Sash! - Adelante
Sash! - Adelante [Original Mix]
Sash! - Bocaraton
Sash! - Cheating Twister
Sash! - Chill Out No. 1
Sash! - Colour The World
Sash! - Destination Unknown
Sash! - Ecuador
Sash! - Ecuador (Bruce Wayne Mix)
Sash! - Ecuador - Original Radio Edit
Sash! - Encore Une Fois
Sash! - Equador
Sash! - Ganbareh
Sash! - Halleluja
Sash! - Hoopstar
Sash! - I Believe
Sash! - Intercontinental Invaders
Sash! - It's My Life
Sash! - Its My Life (NRG Mix)
Sash! - Just Around The Hill
Sash! - La Primavera
Sash! - Le Soleil Noir
Sash! - Life Goes On
Sash! - Little River
Sash! - Mighty Break
Sash! - Move Mania
Sash! - Multiply Teaser
Sash! - My Kind of Blues
Sash! - Mysterious Times
Sash! - Non Existant Nothing
Sash! - Oliver Momm's Sash! Hit Mix Incl. Encore Une Fois, Ecuador, Stay.
Sash! - Rock the Block
Sash! - Run
Sash! - Show Me the Right Way
Sash! - Stay
Sash! - Sweat
Sash! - Tell Me Now
Sash! - The Final Pizzi
Sash! - The Trip
Sash! - Together Again
Sash! - Trilenium
Sash! - With My Own Eyes

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