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Slave biography

There are at least six artists using the name Slave: 1.
A funk band from Dayton, Ohio 2.
A rapper from Los Angeles, California 3.
A hardcore band from from Denmark 4.
A powerviolence band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 5.
A hardcore band from Los Angeles, California 6.
A punk band from Doylestown, Pennsylvania 7.
A Powerviolence band from Birmingham, Alabama. 1) Slave was an Ohio funk band popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Style: Funk, Soul, Disco funk, 70s, Slave

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Slave similar artists

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Slave discography

Title TrackRank
Slave - A Touch Of Love (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
Slave - Are You Ready For Love
Slave - Baby Sinister
Slave - Dreamin'
Slave - Feel My Love
Slave - For the Love of U
Slave - Funken Town
Slave - Funky Lady (Foxy Lady)
Slave - I'll Be Gone
Slave - Just A Touch Of Love
Slave - Just Freak
Slave - Let's Spend Some Time
Slave - Life Can Be Happy
Slave - Love Me
Slave - Never Get Away
Slave - Party Hardy
Slave - Party Lites
Slave - Quality Forum (Original Mix)
Slave - Roots
Slave - Screw Your Wig On Tite
Slave - Separated
Slave - Shine
Slave - Sizzlin' Hot
Slave - Slide
Slave - Slide (Single Version)
Slave - Smokin
Slave - Snap Shot
Slave - Son of Slide
Slave - Starting Over
Slave - Stay in My Life
Slave - Steal Your Heart
Slave - Stellar Fungk
Slave - Stone Jam
Slave - Thank You
Slave - The Great American Funk Song
Slave - The Happiest Days
Slave - The Party Song
Slave - The Way You Love Is Heaven
Slave - Volcano Rupture
Slave - Wait For Me
Slave - Warning
Slave - Watching You
Slave - Way Out
Slave - Weak At The Knees
Slave - You And Me

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